Women’s empowerment group being launched; first meeting Oct. 2




A women’s empowerment group already established with a chapter in neighboring Wolcott is coming to Bristol.
The umbrella organization, Women Empowering Women, was founded in Watertown by Doreen Dilger, who has ambitions to take the group nation.
The Bristol chapter was organized by Wolcott’s Carol Jurzyk, a life coach and founder of Inner Beauty Life Coaching.
The group will meet the first Wednesday of each month.
Jurzyk said the idea for the group developed following a program, Girls Rise, presented in January to Wolcott students in January.
Jurzyk said she organized the event because she felt young women needed guidance to build up their confidence and self esteem. They also needed to find their life’s purpose, said Jurzyk.
“Being a quiet teenager” said Jurzyk, “I always had the pressure to meet up to other’s expectations. Today’s society has created pressures to keep up. with social media’s expectations of what you look like, what you do and what you say.”
“My journey of almost 30 years in the health and beauty industry has brought me satisfaction when I can make an impact on someone to help strengthen their self-esteem and confidence,” said Jurzyk, “Awareness of your lack of confidence can only improve your capabilities to improve upon yourself.”
At the Girls Rally, Jurzyk said she had a conversation with then-Miss Connecticut Bridget Oei, who was one of the presenters at the rally. Jurzyk mentioned that she was interested in forming a women’s empowerment group. Oei encouraged her to do so and asked to be invited when it formed.
A life coach, Jurzyk said she has a knack for observing what women need and connecting women where relationships would be beneficial.
“Networking will teach you ways to strengthen your self-confidence,” said Jurzyk. “Women strive when they are in groups, so that’s the benefit of networking and empowering each other.”
The establishment of the group in Bristol is a result of Jurzyk’s networking experience. She had been a treasurer for the Wolcott Chamber of Commerce. Through that relationship, she was familiar with the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce, which includes Wolcott and is based in Bristol.
Jurzyk said she felt Bristol women could benefit from a program similar to the Wolcott’s women’s empowerment group.
Through the group and her own experience as a life coach, Jurzyk hopes to help women find their inner beauty, thus building confidence, connections and success.
The first meeting of the group will be Wednesday, Oct. 2 from 6 to 8 p.m. at f Federal Hills Patterson Place Apartments 72 Maple St. Bristol. Admission is $10 and includes light refreshments.
RSVPs are mandatory. Visit www.eventbrite.com/e/women-now-bristol-tickets–7246789898435.
Parking is off site of the building on surrounding side streets.
For information, call Carol Jurzyk (203)233-4643.