BC boys continue to dominate series




BRISTOL – For the past 15 years, the boys cross country program from Bristol Central has dominated all the competition at the city series meet.

It’s been a decade-and-a-half of excellence and why would the annual gathering on Friday, Oct. 12 be any different?

It wasn’t as the Rams scooped up the first five places as Central easily won the event by identical 15-50 scores against Eastern and St. Paul Catholic while the Lancers toppled the Falcons 21-31 from the campus of St. Paul Catholic High School.


This time around for the Rams, Mark Petrosky won the race in 17:09 as Central had the individual champion for a remarkable 15th time in a row.

“Today’s City Championship race for the boys was important for us in several ways,” said Central coach Tamara Stafford-Kirk. “When you go into a race you know [the runners] will win, you have to make sure it’s meaningful and challenging.  I don’t say that to be cocky. It’s just the reality for us right now. People may claim to overlook the City Championship as just another race but for us, it marks the start of the championship season and the defense of the team and individual win. Yesterday on the bus, I reminded both teams of the number of years we’ve won this meet and particularly the streaks we are on with 15 in a row for boys and 10 for girls. I then read to them the names of all our individual champions. These are runners they look up to even though they’ve never met many of them.”

The race started with several of Bristol Eastern’s runners at the head of the pack but quickly, Petrosky and DeAngelo took over around the base field for the first time.

It’s a position the duo kept for the remainder of the race.

With Petrosky and DeAngelo leading after two laps around the track area, a cluster of Central runners followed  – including Jose Ramirez, Pacifio and Devin Flores, Ben Stafford, and Ian Kreciglowa – and the Rams had positions one through seven locked up early with St. Paul stud Alex Reilly along with Eastern’s duo of Ben Wadowski and Seth Anderson not too far behind.

Pack running was certainly in effect for the Rams and after tangling with Stafford Avenue for a bit, Petrosky and DeAngelo returned back to campus in first and second place.

“I’ve been pushing my guys to work to stay closer to one another throughout the race and St. Paul’s relatively flat and fast course was just the place to put it to the test,” said Stafford-Kirk. “If they are to achieve the goals over the next few weeks, this will be key.”

Ramiez was still in third place followed by three Central runners.

Reilly, Wadowski, Anderson and Kreciglowa were in the mix in 7th through 10th places.

And going back up the front driveway, to Stafford Avenue, there was no stopping Petrosky and DeAngelo.

Central’s four-pack was on their tail and coming back to St. Paul Catholic, the final leg of the challenge saw Petrosky put just a couple seconds of daylight between himself and the speedy DeAngelo.

Petrosky crossed the finish line in 17:09 while DeAngelo was second, just two seconds behind.

Ramirez easily took third in 17:31 while Pacifio Flores (17:44) and D Flores (17:49) were just five seconds apart as Central took the first five slots in the race.

Reilly (6th, 18:28) kicked over the last leg to catch Stafford (7th, 18:34) while the Eastern duo of Wadowski (8th, 18:38) and Anderson (9th, 18:49) ran extremely well and finished strongly.

Kreciglowa rounded out the top 10 for the locals in 19:03.

Over the next five spots at the finish line were Eastern’s Nick Provenzano (11th, 19:05), Central’s Austin Freve (12th, 19:07) and Ramon Peters (13th, 19:17), along with the Lancers Sean Sullivan (14th, 19:22) and St. Paul Catholic’s Tucker Raymond (15th, 19:27) – who is having an excellent season for the Falcons’ running group.

Boys City Series Cross Country

from St. Paul Catholic High School – Thursday, Oct. 11


Bristol Central 15, St. Paul Catholic 50

Bristol Central 15, Bristol Eastern 50

Bristol Eastern 21, St. Paul Catholic 31

Top 20 finishers

Top finisher: Mark Petrosky (Bristol Central), 17:09

Runner-up: Nate DeAngelo (Bristol Central), 17:11

  1. Jose Ramirez (Bristol Central), 17:31
  2. Pacifico Flores (Bristol Central), 17:44
  3. Devin Flores (Bristol Central), 17:49
  4. Aidan Reilly (St. Paul Catholic), 18:28
  5. Ben Stafford (Bristol Central), 18:34
  6. Ben Wadowski (Bristol Eastern), 18:38
  7. Seth Anderson (Bristol Eastern), 18:49
  8. Ian Kreciglowa (Bristol Central), 19:03
  9. Nick Provenzano (Bristol Eastern), 19:05
  10. Austin Freve (Bristol Central), 19:07
  11. Ramon Peters (Bristol Central), 19:17
  12. Sean Sullivan (Bristol Eastern), 19:22
  13. Tucker Raymond (St. Paul Catholic), 19:27
  14. Jake Leone (Bristol Central), 19:42
  15. Gabriel Bartolome (Bristol Eastern), 19:53
  16. Zachary Martin (Bristol Eastern), 19:58
  17. Leo Kavanaugh (Bristol Central), 20:02
  18. Logan Zdun (Bristol Eastern), 20:10