Apple Harvest Road Race tip: Training in the summer heat

2019 Apple Harvest Road Race, design by Sarah Stankiewicz.

So, you’ve dreamed about running in the Apple Harvest Road Race for years, but you don’t know where to start? You’ve followed your neighbor’s results in the Southington Observer, and you’ve always wanted to make the list?

Well, if this is the year that you want to finally cross it off your bucket list, now is the time to start getting ready.

In this series, Southington YMCA personal trainer Alyssa Lombardi will provide tips for first timers committed to completing the 40th Annual Apple Harvest Road Race.Each week, we will ask Lombardi a different question about getting ready for the big day on Oct. 6.

Alyssa Lombardi,

OBSERVER: How should someone go about running in the summer months?

ALYSSA LOMBARDI: Training in the summer months can be difficult physically and mentally. Physically your heart rate increases, which causes more stress on the body as it tries to cool itself. Mentally it can be no fun to run in the very hot and humid weather as your pace slows and you sweat heavily.

To overcome this, I suggest running by heart rate or feel. If you have access to a heart rate monitor, look to see what your average heart rate was when the weather was below 70 degrees and use that as a guide. If you do not have access to a heart rate monitor, try to run by feel. On average your pace will decrease by 12-15 percent if the temperature is 80 degrees or higher. Reducing your pace by 12-15 percent is a good guide in order to keep your easy days easy and make sure you are not overtraining.

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