Abdesame: Running to the front of the pack


PLAINVILLE – In figuring out the 2014-15 Plainville Observer Male Athlete of the Year, you’d have to keep a running tally on all the great athletes who came through the hall ways of Plainville High School and onto the fields and over on the courts this past scholastic season (plus, it’s already August and it’s time to announce this year’s recipient).
The key phrase is “running” and that’s something one individual did ever so well for the Blue Devils over his four years at Plainville High School.
And that’s exactly why senior cross country/track standout Omar Abdelsame is this year’s Plainville Observer AOTY.
Because being the best on the track or on a cross country course takes discipline, commitment, and loads and loads of preparation.
And, of course, you have to have the right mindset…or, you’re just a crazy guy who likes to run from sunrise to sunset.
That pretty much describes Omar…
He’s the only athlete I know that will run eight 600s in practice and still be smiling afterwards.
Certainly, Abdelsame carries all those traits – the discipline, commitment and the dedication – in droves and over the past four years, if you’ve been hanging around Plainville high school – or your a resident of Plainville for that matter – you’ve seen him running right by you a time or two.
And I do mean running by you.
Not too many runners caught up with Abdelsame this past fall or spring and in terms of CCC South action, he was the best runner on the cross country course or in the one or two mile runs.
This guy is a beast and when he’s leading the distance runners in practice and says, “Let’s do eight [more] 600 meter dashes’…wow, you’re in for one heck of a workout.
Or you’re looking to go to bed the second practice is over.
But it was all that summer preparation, the sprints to Norton Park, the runs into Bristol and the dedication to the sport than made him the best local runner around.
Even those sprints to Dairy Queen served a purpose.
In terms of CCC South Cross Country, he had no equal and even the runner-up at the CCC South championships from Bristol Central – a staple of cross country excellence – wasn’t close to Abdelsame’s final time of 16:48.06 from Wickham Park in Manchester towards the final week of October.
In was the second straight year, he won the league’s top race.
Overall, he placed sixth in the entire Central Connecticut Conference field and that’s out of 32 schools.
And then in the Class M Championship on Oct. 25, he improved greatly from last season’s time (which was 17:07) and ended up in third place at 16:39, easily qualifying for the State Open Challenge.
It was a big finish for Abdelsame at the Open and his excellent finish of 16:14 was good for 19th place overall and was able to move out of the state to display his craft.
At the 80th New England Interscholastic Cross Country Championships, Abdelsame nabbed 47th place and finished up an outstanding scholastic career in 16:38.
As a junior, he placed seventh in the M’s with that time of 17:07 in 2013.
But jumping right into the outdoor season, his times in the mile and the two miles runs were tough to top.
And no one touched his time at the Marty Roberts Invite that past season on May 2.
His mile time of 4:36.86 was his best of the season and good for a second place finish.
By the way, he won the two-mile event at invite with a finish of 9:59.88.
He placed second at the CIAC Class M Championship in the 3200 meters on June 3 with a speedy time of 9:38.31, Abdelsame’s best of the season, while five days later, he placed 15th overall at the Connecticut State Open event (9:50.20).
His best time in the mile came last season at the CCC Track and Field Championships on May 28, 2014 with a first place finish of 4:30.98.
It was an amazing career at a high school known for its running exploits.
However, it’s not all about running for Abdelsame as the young man had a ton of school pride too.
You’d see Abdelsame hanging out at a baseball, softball, or football game and he’s out there cheering his mates on.
He’s a well rounded individual who would be a welcomed addition to any collegiate program would be eager to accept.
Maybe even in a career in the FBI, CIA or “spy” industry, like a James Bond type… “The name is Abdelsame. Omar Abdelsame.” (Seems like to many syllables, you know?)

Omar Abdelsame – Career Records
Cross Country – 5000 meters
Year  Class  Time Event
2012  Sophomore 18:30 Oct.27 – CIAC Class M Country Country
2013  Junior  17:07 Oct. 26 – CIAC Class M Country Country
2014  Senior  16:14 Oct. 31 – CIAC State Open Country Country

One-Mile Event (Outdoor)
Year  Class  Time Event
2014  Junior  4:30.98 May 28 – CCC South Championship Meet
2015  Senior  4:36.86 May 2 – Mary Roberts Invite

Two-Mile Event (Outdoor)
Year  Class  Time  Event
2013  Sophomore 10:26.62 May 29 – Class M State Championship
2014  Junior  9:53.36 June 9 – CIAC State Open Championship
2015  Senior  9:38.31 June 3 – CIAC Class M Championshipsports