Letter: Reader shares a positive tale about law enforcement


To the editor:
With all the negative publicity lately about the conduct of police offers in this country, I would like to relate an experience of my own with Officer Dustin Demonte from the Bristol Police Department.
Recently, while walking my dog on a bitterly cold day, I spotted a very large injured gull in the middle of Route 6. It’s wing was broken and it could not fly. Thankfully motorists stopped as I gently urged it across the road and on to the sidewalk.
As I stool there wondering what to do next, a police officer saw me and came to help. We could not bring the gull to a local vet because it was a wild animal. Officer Demonte called his superior as to what we should do. He waited there with me until he received a call back. He was told that as there were no animal control officers on duty that day, he must go and pick up the animal control van himself.
I waited with the injured gull for the officer to return and return he did. We gently urged the bird into a cardboard box that he had brought with him and put the bird into the van. Officer Demonte then left to take the injured gull to the wild animal vet to be treated and I continued my way home.
I realize that some who are reading this may think that Officer Demonte could have made better use of his time. While this was not a lifesaving act of bravery, I do know as a taxpaying citizen and animal lover that I needed help that day and he came to help.
With very little thanks from the public, these officers do risk their lives every day to protect and serve, not only private citizens such as myself but also God’s smallest creatures as well.
Thank you Officer Demonte, and all of your fellow officers for going above and beyond for all of us. May God bless you all and keep you safe.
Joanne Swets
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