Police report “no credible threat” to SHS following student’s racist social media post

The Southington Police Department
The Southington Police Department
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Southington Police announced closure on the investigation which began on Dec. 13 into a racist video created by a Southington student that was posted on social media. The video included threats to black students and their families and several racial slurs.

It was determined that there was no credible threat to the school, however on Dec. 18, the superintendent’s office received information from two parents that there was a possible threat against Southington High School as a result of the video.

The superintendent’s office reported the information to police.

“Investigation found that it surfaced during a private social media conversation between several parents,” stated police in a press release on Dec. 19. “During the course of the investigation, an additional parent reported this to the Southington Police Department as well.”

“This incident was investigated and interviews were conducted,” the press release continues. “It was determined that there was no credible threat to the school and that the rumors were related to a racially insensitive social media posting that was made by a student last week.”

Superintendent Tim Connellan wrote to parents and staff in an email Wednesday morning.

“The investigation found that rumors were generated by general student discussions and comments at school related to the video incident last week,” said Connellan in the email. “Parents were then commenting on social media about their children’s reports to them regarding what was said at school. SPD found no new information and no information to substantiate the claim of a threat directed at the school.”

There will be increased police presence at the school in the form of additional personnel to help reassure students, parents and staff.

Connellan asked that parents share the results of the investigation with their children as appropriate to try to reassure them that there is “absolutely no credible evidence that a threat directed toward Southington High School ever existed.”

“Rumors spread on social media should remind us again, that this is one of the negative things about social media – the ability to spread false information quickly, over a wide range of consumers,” said Connellan. “Just because something is posted on a social media platform does not mean it is true. Nonetheless, ‘if you hear something, say something’ still applies and we do encourage students, parents and staff to share information with the administration.”



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