Fire report for Nov. 14


The Bristol Police Department reported the following incidents last week.
Oct. 31
Stafford Ave. and Gregory Rd., vehicle accident, general clean-up.
683 Broad St., unintentional transmission of alarm, other.
135 Summer St., lock-out.
King Street and Farmington Avenue, extrication, rescue, other.
249 Terryville Rd., hazardous condition, other.
55 Beths Ave., EMS call, excluding vehicle accident with injury.

Nov. 1
856 Stevens St., extrication of victim(s) from vehicle.
Meridian Tower, 52 Sheila Court, smoke scare, odor of smoke.
190 Birchwood Terrace, smoke detector activation due to malfunction.
162 Surrey Dr., lock-out.

Nov. 2
28 Hill St., unauthorized burning.
184 Wolcott St., vehicle accident, general clean-up.
48 Park St., building fire.
Consolation St. and Norwalk Ave., natural vegetation fire, other.
57 Union St., lock-out.
Gaylord St. and West St., vehicle accident, general clean-up.
126 Stearns St., power line down.
764 King St., power line down.

Nov. 3
516 Witches Rock Rd., CO detector activation due to malfunction.
84 Wilcox St., lock-out.
72 Morningside Dr., vehicle accident, general clean-up.
McDonald’s, 150 North Main St., lock-out.
59 Kelley St., detector activation, no fire—unintentional.

Nov. 4
1175 Farmington Ave., removal of victim(s) from stalled elevator.
284 North Main St., lock-out.
342 Park St., lock-out.
41 Fox Hollow Lane, lock-out.
1214 Farmington Ave., lock-out.
136 Empire Way, smoke detector activation, no fire.
151 North Main St., bomb scare, no bomb.
55 Gaylord St., cooking fire, confined to container.

Nov. 5
130 Skyridge Rd., water or steam leak.
93 McIntosh Dr., passenger vehicle fire.
257 Newell Ave., vehicle accident, general clean-up.
200 Blakeslee St., attempt to burn.

Nov. 6
305 Glendale Dr., CO detector activation due to malfunction.