Reach out and touch someone… Sure Sure is listening




If you have a question for the band Sure Sure, go ahead and reach out.

The Los Angeles band, which opens for Young the Giant at the Mohegan Sun Arena on Thursday, Jan. 31, has deliberately publicized its phone number dedicated to such a purpose.

Chris Beachy (keyboardist, singer), Charlie Glick (guitarist, singer), Kevin Farzad (drums, percussion) and Michael Coleman (producer, bass, keys) describe themselves as “highly collaborative,” in their press materials. And that’s how they chose to respond to an email interview — as a collaborative effort between Mike and Charlie.

Now about that telephone number for the fans — 657-444-7579

“One day, we looked at our cable bill and saw that we were paying for a phone line,” said Mike and Charlie. “So we decided to go out and buy a landline phone and put the number in our Spotify bio.”

“It has been a delightful experience to chat with fans and also maybe get yelled at because we forgot to ship a merch order,” said Mike and Charlie. “Plus, we have all gotten better at talking on the phone. Before then, Charlie had a hard time talking on the phone.”

Right now, the band says, the number attracts “up to 10 calls in a day. But we don’t get to answer them all because we are practicing or recording or shopping at the grocery store.”

When they do talk to a fan, said Mike and Charlie, “Usually, it’s small talk: how was your day; what did you eat for breakfast; are you my parent? etc. Once we got invited to a party that happened to be right next to our house. We went.”

“Great party.”

A fan easily calling in could conceivably get any member of the band because they all share the same domicile.

“We used to live in a yellow house together,” said Mike and Charlie. “Now we live in a beige house together.”

“It is nice because whenever a new song starts to poke its head out from under the covers you can write/record it very fast,” said the band.

“Living together also makes touring super easy since we already spend every waking second together,” said Mike and Charlie.

The group is currently taking pre-orders for a new EP, “What It’s Like.”

Musically, Sure Sure describes itself as “art pop” and “indie pop.” “The Beatles, Nick Drake, Little  Dragon, Alabama Shakes, Radiohead, Fleet Foxes are all huge influences,” said Mike and Charlie.

When it comes to crafting this “art pop,” said Mike and Charlie, “usually Chris and Charlie will come in with some kind of melodic-harmonic-lyrical idea, or Kevin will come in with a spicy groove, and then we start to build the song together.”

“Then we get stuck and go to the park, where we throw a Frisbee and wonder what we should eat for dinner,” said the band. “Stir fry? Pasta? Lentils? One thing is for sure: there will be a salad on the side.”

When Sure Sure comes to Connecticut, they will be hitting up the Mohegan Sun Arena as the opener for Young the Giant.

“We are stoked,” said Mike and Charlie. “Those guys rule and I know we’re going to learn a ton from watching them play every night. It’s really exciting to see the word arena get thrown around. It’s going to be amazing.”

Some of Sure Sure’s recordings have an intimate sound. Bu when they hit a live setting such as the Sun, Mike and Charlie said, “We tend to play the hype tunes live, with a sprinkling of intimacy, so it works out.”

“We love to party, people love to party, it’s really a match made in heaven,” said Mike and Charlie.

And when fans leave the Sure Sure party, the band said, “We want them to feel warm inside, but with a touch of melancholy. Why do I want to laugh and cry at the same time?”

“This is the ideal emotion.”

Sure Sure opens for Young the Giant at the Mohegan Sun Arena on Thursday, Jan. 31 at 8 p.m. For more information, go to or

Sure Sure is opening for Young the Giant at the Mohegan Sun Arena on Jan. 31.