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Election Day is almost here, and Southington’s sample ballot has been posted to the town’s website.

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, contests will include (in the order that they appear on the ballot), Town Council, Board of Finance, Board of Education on the front of the ballot, with Planning and Zoning Committee and Board of Water Commissioners on the back of the ballot.

Sample ballot (Front)
Sample ballot (back)

November ballot order selected

Polling Places

Primary and general elections are held at 11 polling places, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. The districts are as follows: South End School at Maxwell Noble Drive (District 1), Kennedy Middle School at 1071 S Main St. (District 2), Derynoski Elementary School at 240 Main St. (District 3), Hatton Elementary School at 70 Spring Lake Rd. (District 4), Flanders Elementary School at 100 Victoria Dr. (District 5), DePaolo Middle School at 385 Pleasant St. (District 6), Kelley Elementary School at 501 Ridgewood Rd. (District 7), Thalberg Elementary School at 145 Dunham Rd. (District 8), Tabernacle at 1445 West St. (District 9), Zaya A. Oshana Elementary School at 79 Church St. (District 10), and Strong Elementary School at 820 Marion Ave. (District 11).

Polling places are assigned based on residents’ districts. Find out your district and polling place by visiting the town website (Southington.org), clicking “Departments,” then “Elections Dept./Registrar of Voters,” then in Additional Links “General Information and Registration Information FAQ.” Midway down the page, under “Where do I vote?” a link will list street names and the districts they include.

For a map of voting districts in Southington, click hereSouthington Voting District Map

For a list of voting districts by street, click hereSouthington voters Street List

Voter Registration

Voter registration ended on Oct. 31, but certain circumstances can still be accommodated through Election Day for people who have newly moved into the town (with proof), have recently turned 18 years of age (with a birth certificate), have become a U.S. citizen after Oct. 31, or are currently serving in the military.

These persons may register at the Registrar of Voters office before or on Monday, Nov. 4 (until 5 p.m.). On Election Day, these persons can register and vote in person at the Town Hall lower level at the Election Day Registration location between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. More information can be found on the town’s website.

The Registrar of Voters office is open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Town Hall Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The Democratic Registrar is Elaine D. Bedard, and the Republican Registrar is Michael K. Early. Visit or call the office at (860) 276-6268 for further inquiries.

The Ballot

Party order is determined by the governor’s party, so Democratic candidates will appear on the top row. Republican candidates will be on the second row, and the Town Council race will have a third row for unaffiliated, write-in candidates.

On the front page of the ballot will be one referendum question: “Shall the Town of Southington appropriate $2,930,000 for cost related to the acquisition of the John Weichsel Municipal Center property and authorize the issue of bonds and notes, not to exceed $2,930,000, to finance the portion of the appropriation not determined by the Town Council to be defrayed from the Town’s general fund balance?”

By voting “Yes,” to the referendum, voters approve of the appropriation of $2,930,000 and the issuance of bonds and notes in the same amount. By voting “No,” voters disapprove of the appropriation.

Municipal center plan heading to Nov. referendum

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Town Council

Voters may select up to six of the 12 candidates running for Town Council, and the council will be comprised of the top nine vote getters.

Democratic candidates include, from left, Anthony Mazzarella, Valeria A. DePaolo, Christopher J. Palmieri, Christopher J. Poulos, Kelly Morrissey, and John N. Barry.

Republican candidates include, from left, Tom Lombardi, William Dziedzic, Mike Del Santo, Victoria Triano, Paul Chaplinsky Jr., and Jim Morelli.

Election: Meet the 2019 Town Council candidates

Town Clerk

Kathy Larkin will be running for re-election, unopposed, and cross endorsed by both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Board of Finance

Voters may select up to four of the eight candidates for the BOF, and the board will comprised of the top six vote getters.

Democratic candidates include, from left, Susan J. Zoni, Ryan Rogers, Kevin Beaudoin, and Donald S. Rinaldi (withdrawn from the race).

Republican candidates include, from left, John Leary, Tony Morrison, Joseph Labieniec, and Edward S. Pocock Jr.

Election: Meet the 2019 Board of Finance candidates

Election: Democratic BOF candidate withdraws from race

Board of Education

Voters may select up to six of the 12 candidates for BOE, and the board will be comprised of the top nine vote getters.

Democratic candidates include, from left, David J. Derynoski, Lisa Cammuso, Zaya G. Oshana, Lauren D. Johns, Robert Brown, and George Doherty.

Republican candidates include, from left, David M. Falvo, Terri Carmody, James Chrzanowski, Missy Cipriano, Joe Baczewski, and Colleen W. Clark.

Election: Meet the 2019 Board of Education candidates

Planning and Zoning Committee

Voters may select up to three of the five candidates for PZC, and the top vote getters will join Michael DelSanto (R), Paul Chaplinsky Jr., (R), Robert Hammersley (R), and Susan Locks (D) on the seven member board.

Democratic candidates include, from left, Caleb Cowles, Christina Volpe, and Valentino Guarino.

Republican candidates include, from left, Bob Salka and Peter Santago.

Election: Meet the 2019 Southington PZC candidates

Board of Water Commissioners

Voters may select any three of the three candidates for Water Commissioners, and the top three vote getters will join Tomas J. Murphy (D), Ralph Warner (R), and Rudolph Cabata (D) on the six member board.

Democratic candidate is Robert Berkmoes.

Republican candidates include Ron Lamoreux Jr., and Erika Pocock.

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