Council refers Plantsville water main upgrade to PZC




The Southington water department was given approval by the Town Council on an 8-24 referral for a project to install a 12-inch water main through the center of Plantsville, starting at the intersection of Summit Street and W. Main Street and proceeding east to the intersection of W. Main Street and Route 10.

As long as the project is approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission, it will begin in April 2019 and be complete by July.


There are currently two water mains in the center of Plantsville: a 12-inch main installed in 1915, and an eight-inch main installed in 1883.

“When the town does projects like these, it makes us progressive and allows us to move forward,” said water department superintendent Bill Casarella. “It’s a proactive thing.”

Casarella said all of the merchants in the center of Plantsville will be notified individually of the project and its details.

“I’m very sensitive to the customers and merchants there,” he said.

The project will occur just before the renovation of downtown Plantsville takes place and will not delay the Plantsville project. Casarella said that there are numerous reasons why the two projects cannot be done at the same time.

“We can’t block off the center of Plantsville. We’ve got to keep one lane open at all times,” said Casarella. “We’re aware that it’s a very small area that we’re working with. It makes sense for the water department to get in and get out of there.”

The superintendent said the department will take precautions with the project because it is in tight quarters and much of the material in the area is old. The Planning and Zoning Commission will have to vote on the 8-24 referral at their next meeting before it comes back to the Town Council in January for final approval.

“An 8-24 is a statutory reference to the Connecticut General Statutes 8-24 that requires a referral or report back from the PZC for a variety of issues, including major upgrades to town facilities, which this project falls under,” said Town Attorney Carolyn Futtner.

The council approved the 8-24 referral unanimously.

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