Bristol Central participates in Latin Day


“Non semper ea sunt quae videntur (things are not always as they may be seen)” ­ was the theme at the 34th Annual Connecticut State Latin Day held on May 1.

Almost 2,000 Latin students from about 50 Connecticut middle and high schools will journey to Holiday Hill in Cheshire to celebrate the language and culture of the Ancient Romans on this day.

Bristol Central High School sent 40 students to State Latin Day.

The day’s agenda was filled with a variety of learning activities as well as academic competitions, which serve as the culminating activity for the year’s hard work. When busses arrived at 8:30 a.m., participants were faced with a wide array of presentations from which to choose with topics such as “Roman Architecture,” “Medical Latin,” and “What’s New at Pompeii?” offered throughout the day. Hands-­on workshops available to students included Roman military drill, Roman food preparation, and Mosaic-making. School teams competed academically in Certamen (Latin Quiz Bowl) and on individual tests covering Latin grammar, Roman mythology, ancient geography, and even Ancient Greek. Projects made throughout the school year by students in their respective schools were on display for judging.

Students competed in team and individual athletic contests with Roman themes, including discus throw, tug-of-war, bocce ball, and a decimated marathon. The day literally ended with a “Bang!” as students drove their homemade chariots.


Bristol Central’s students of Latin made a very respectable showing at CSLD, taking first place in the chariot design competition (Allison Balfour), both the girls’ and boys’ decimated marathons (Angela Barton, Josh Signore), girls’ and boys’ discus throws, the girls’ swimming (Madison Pechulis) and the co-ed swimming relay (Olivia Pechulis and George Pittman), the girls’ sprint (Haley Knox), and girls’ singles tennis (Nicole Truszkowski).  In the art projects’ painting (Colin Savino) and board games (Hannah Hale) categories, students took first place.

BCHS earned second place honors for Bocce, girls’(Lexi Kochin) and boys’ (Andrew Damon-Smith) standing broad jump, boys’ swim (Ben Marcil), boys’ costume contest (Jacob Kreciglowa), girls’ costume contest (Jordyn Gauvin) boys’ sprint (Andrew Damon-Smith), and girls’ 3-on-3 basketball (Elizabeth Hrywniak, Sammy Laviero, and Haley Knox). In the art projects, BCHS’s calligraphy (Elizabeth Hrywniak) project took second place.

BCHS Latin teacher, Kelly Monahan-DiNoia, stated in a press release about the results she was very proud of the students’ great efforts and the strong showing by BC students again this year.


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