Letter: Reader reminds residents about National Day of Prayer on May 2


To the editor:

I wanted to remind everyone that on Thursday, May 2 we will be marking the National Day of Prayer as we have been doing in Southington for over 23 years.

Each year people of faith gather at noon on the Southington Town Green to pray for our town, our state, and our nation. We celebrate our freedom to gather publicly and exercise our faith.

This year’s theme is “Love One Another” based on John 13:34. Southington has always put our differences aside to care and show compassion for those in need. We are here for each other, and this years’ theme echo’s that sentiment.

Loving each other is not a subjective platitude, it is the very cornerstone of our faith. It is what we are challenged to do by our Savior. There is no qualifier, no earning of it, no limit to it. It distinguishes us as believers.

I would like to invite everyone to join us once again as we stand together, to humble ourselves and pray. There will be readings of federal and state proclamations, special music, and—most importantly—prayer. For further information please call (860) 302-4906.

Rev. Victoria Triano, Southington