Letter: PZC member thankful for public feedback

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To the editor:

On Tuesday, Dec. 14, the Southington Planning and Zoning Commission proposed a regulation amendment in an attempt to preserve open space on newly developed subdivisions.

There was overwhelming feedback from prominent landowners in town that what was being proposed by the commission would not be an incentive overall for more open space opportunity. I was humbled and very appreciative to all who took the time to come out and provide this information to us.

Above all, we are here to plan properly and proactively, while finding a common ground. To say it takes a village is an understatement, but this Tuesday night I realized that is, indeed, what we have in Southington. Landowners provided us with the information we asked for, and we heard them loud and clear.

What was more heartwarming was the reminder of the sense of commitment these business have and have always had to our town. I am so grateful to have landowners and businesses in this town that are as committed to the town as we are.

A personal thank you to each of you that came out diligently on this. We appreciate your commitment to our community.

Jennifer Clock, Southington Planning and Zoning Commissioner