Barnes Museum seeks funding for new roof




The town council unanimously approved a request from Barnes Museum officials for permission to apply for a reimbursement grant of approximately $60,000 for repairs on the roof of the museum.

The grant would come through the Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office. The total cost of the project is estimated at $120,000. The grant would cover half of the project, and the other half would come from the museum’s reserve fund, explained director Kristi Sadowski.

“In 2017, we looked at the veranda roof and decorative railings and found that those railings were deteriorating, causing water to come into the museum,” Sadowski said. “It was damaging both the structure of the building and possibly a little bit of the interior.”


At that time, officials worked with the Connecticut State Historic Preservation office and received a survey planning grant and had design plans drawn up on exactly how the repairs should be carried out. They now will return to that office for another grant to carry out the repairs.

The grant is a reimbursement grant, Sadowski said, so all receipts will be submitted at the end of the project and 50% of the money will be reimbursed.

The Barnes Museum

“Thank you for not only finding an alternative source of funding through the grant process, but also using the reserve fund to help pay for the project,” said council chair Chris Palmieri (D). “This project is obviously very important and needed. Thank you for thinking outside of the box to fund this appropriately.”

Town manager Mark Sciota said once the town receives a letter from the state saying the grant is available, he will work with the board of finance and open a line item for the grant. The town will spend the money, then get reimbursed.

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