Heating, energy assistance available

Community Action Agencies across Connecticut are now accepting energy assistance applications for the 2019-2020 heating season.

Connecticut residents struggling to pay their utility bills can apply for home heating assistance at their local Community Action Agency (CAA). CAAs are the only nonprofit agencies administering the low income home energy assistance program (LIHEAP), a federal program (administered by the Connecticut Department of Social Services) that provides home heating assistance to the state’s most vulnerable residents. The state’s CAAs administer the program locally in all 169 cities and towns.

Each CAA has application intake sites throughout their service regions, including some local town halls. Customers should check with their local CAA for a complete site listing, to make an application appointment, and confirm required documentation they will need to bring.

Homeowners and renters may apply, and funds may be used to pay for whatever source of heating residents have in their homes. This includes wood, electric, oil, kerosene, or natural gas.

Beginning mid-November, CAAs will certify oil deliveries for those who heat with oil, propane, and deliverable fuels.

Southington residents can call New Opportunities, Inc. in Waterbury for assistance at (203) 575-9799 or email info@newoppinc.org. Visit newoppinc.org for more information. NOI is at 232 North Elm St., Waterbury.

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