Southington Sports Hall of Fame inducts nine new members

“Yes, mom. It’s real.” Lauren Lattanzio-Romanelli gets more than she expected when she shows off her Southington Sports Hall of Fame medal to her son at this year’s induction ceremony at the Aqua Turf. On Wednesday, Nov. 7, six athletes, a coach, and two teams were inducted into the local hall of fame. This year’s inductees included Heather Brousseau-Poutouves, Kristine Mach, Lattanzio-Romanelli, Olympian Stacey Blumer-Evans, Mark LaRosa, Kevin Meier, Hank Papale, and Coach John Bores, along with the 1999 Southington High School baseball and softball teams.


Observer biographies by KEVIN ROBERTS

Hall of Fame – Southington Lightning: Heather Brousseau-Poutouves still ranks as one of Hofstra’s fastest baserunners

Hall of Fame – Mach 2: Kristine Mach came second in her family but first on the team

Hall of Fame – Having a ball; scoring at will: Lauren Lattanzio-Romanelli left it all on the soccer field

Hall of Fame – The air up there: Stacey Blumer-Evans launched herself all the way to the Olympics

Hall of Fame – Nobody can cage this Tiger: Mark LaRosa clawed his way to a College World Series victory and a professional career

Hall of Fame – Mr. Reliability: Kevin Meier was known for bringing his A-game

Hall of Fame – Leading the revolution: Hank Papale was the first general of the air raid attack

Hall of Fame – The joker’s wild: At every level, John Bores put the ‘fun’ in fundamentals

Hall of Fame – From top to bottom: The 1999 SHS baseball lineup was Fontana’s greatest ‘team’

Hall of Fame: It’s how you finish that counts: The 1999 SHS softball team overcame adversity to win a title

Southington’s hall of fame showcases athletic diversity


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