Times have changed since 3 Doors Down 1st touched down



3 Doors Down rose up through the hard rock ranks in the 1990s.

They were on the sales charts and rock radio with tracks like “Kryptonite,” “Let Me Go,” “When I’m Gone,” “Here With You,” and others.

But these days, the band’s rhythm guitarist Chris Henderson said he doesn’t think the band would still get the same kind of attention today. The music business has changed too much, he explained.

3 Doors Down comes to the Mohegan Sun Arena on Thursday, Aug. 16 with Collective Soul and Soul Asylum.

“We did it (built an audience) when people were still buying records,” said Chris.

“That revenue stream doesn’t exist anymore,” said Chris.

The band’s last album was 2016’s “Us and the Night.”

But, despite the gap, Chris said, new music from 3 Doors Down isn’t on the horizon any time soon.

“I don’t think people care about records,” said Chris. “No one is buying CDs… My kids don’t know what a CD player is.”

That change means the band’s primary focus is on the road.

On stage, Chris said, 3 Doors Down is “like a car going down the highway with the lug nuts loose… Anything can happen.”

And that sense of chaos and the determination to give the audience 100 percent each night is what makes a 3 Doors Down show so much fun, said Chris.

Although the band comes alive with electricity and amplification, 3 Doors Down is not afraid of turning off the electricity. The group recently did a series of gigs dubbed “The Back Porch Tour” of all acoustic dates.

Chris said he likes those kinds of shows because the band members can’t hide behind the amplification and electronics. The focus is on their playing and the songs, he explained.

Asked what he likes about the current lineup of 3 Doors Down, which is now Brad Arnold, Greg Upchurch, Chet Roberts, and Justin Biltonen, Chris said, “Everyone is having a good time… Everyone is trying to achieve something.”

The band has had its share of tragedies with members over the years.

In February 2014, former bassist Todd Harrell was arrested in Mississippi for a DUI. Guitarist Matt Roberts died from a prescription drug overdose.

“We learned a lot of lessons (over the years),” said Chris. He said there is no more drinking and no more partying. It’s all about the music now.

“Everyone takes it seriously.”

3 Doors Down is known for its music. But it also has made a point of helping others.

In 2004, the group established the Better Life Foundation. The mission of the charity is, according to its website, www.TheBetterLifeFoundation.org, “is to make a positive change in the lives of children in need of food, shelter and medical assistance, and to enhance the lives of children and young adults in need.”

“It feels good to be in a position (where we can help out),” said Chris of the group’s charitable dimension. “We take pride in that.”

The tour that brings 3 Doors Down to Connecticut finds the group with another hard rocking veteran of the 1990s, Collective Soul (“Shine”), as well as alternative rockers Soul Asylum (“Runaway Train”).

Collective Soul and 3 Doors Down have a history together, said Chris.

Chris said 3 Doors Down first played with Collective Soul back in 2000 at the Kentucky Derby. And the two bands have toured together over the years since. “We’re still friends and still fans.”

“It’s a cool thing,” said Chris of the tour package. “I’m looking forward to it.”

And when fans turn out to the show, Chris said they’ll be surprised. “We’re a lot heavier than on record.”

However, said Chris, “It’s fun… You never know what’s going to happen.”

3 Doors Down, Collective Soul, and Soul Asylum perform at the Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville on Thursday, Aug. 16 at 8 p.m.

For more information, go to www. MoheganSun.com or www.3DoorsDown.com

3 Doors Down comes to Connecticut next Thursday with Collective Soul.

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