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After you catch comedian Tim Dillon at Comix at Mohegan Sun next week, you don’t have to wait till the next time he takes the stage in Connecticut to catch his comedy.

The comedian has two specials coming to a TV or computer near you. Later this year, he has a Comedy Central Half Hour dedicated to his standup. He also has a Netflix Quarter Hour coming up as well.

Dillon, in a phone interview, said recording a comedy special is not much different than an actual live set he would do any other day of the week. “(The producers’) job is to make it feel as close to live as possible… and make you and the audience comfortable.”

“The two shows I did were really comfortable,” said Dillon. “(The networks) want you to do well.”

The primary difference between recording a comedy special and stepping up for a live set at club is that in the recording, you always have the option of going back and doing a bit again if you slip up. “Live is live. The moment is gone, good or bad.”

Dillon said he is appreciative of the opportunity. He wanted to do Quarter Hour because “it will live forever on Netflix.” And “Half Hour” was important because “Comedy Central is iconic.”

In addition to his comedy specials, fans of Dillon can find him on his podcast, “Tim Dillon is Going to Hell.”

Why is he “going to hell?”

“I think we’re in this weird time where comedians want to lead us on social issues,” said Dillon, “which is insane.” Instead, he said, he prefers to mine comedy that is “funny, and darkly humorous.”

“I’m apolitical,” said Dillon.

Today, people are expected to be left or right, liberal or conservative. Dillon said he’s neither and he’s both. “I have nuances of opinions of the world,” said Dillon.

That said, “I am only trying to be funny.”

“If you’re looking to a comedian for political advice, you’re in trouble… If you go to a night club to be educated,” said Dillon, “I can’t help you.”

Dillon’s antiestablishment streak runs deep.

Dillon recently posted on his Twitter a letter to his parents letting them know he was getting suspended from school.

“I was suspended for a treating a lunch lady as subhuman,” said Dillon. “I think we were having frozen yogurt and I wanted sprinkles.” And when she said no, Dillon let the words fly.

“I got suspended all the time… They suspended you for telling them how you felt.”

“I’m not in love with (education as an institution)… You have to censor yourself. You have to be respectful. That wasn’t me,” said Dillon.

However, he said, “That did set me up for comedy.”

When you come to Comix to see his act, Dillon said the audience should expect, simply enough, “Humor.”

“My comedy is smart,” said Dillon. “I want people to really laugh. I riff on what’s going on around me. Sometimes, I go off script.”

But he said, “You’re not going to leave smarter… They’re not going to get a breakdown of the Mueller investigation.”

“Go elsewhere for that.”

Tim Dillon performs at Comix at Mohegan Sun, Uncasville July 5 to 7 with performances Thursday and Friday at 8 p.m. and Saturday at 7:30 and 10 p.m.

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Comedian Tim Dillon comes to Comix at Mohegan Sun next week.

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