Letter: Reader doesn’t like liberal hypocrisy

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To the editor:

Sgt. Joe Friday was known to say, “Just the facts please.”

Let us imagine a banquet facility hosts the venue for a group of legal gun owners, and they have done so for a quarter of a century with no harm caused to any community.

Due to recent tragic events, the progressive movement condemns the banquet facility which has simply provided a service to its customers without bias or judgment. So much so, that the banquet facility and the group of lawful citizens, who simply desire to exercise their constitutional right to gather and speak freely, determine it is best for them to end their longstanding business relationship.

Now, imagine this. The same banquet facility refuses to host a same sex wedding after receiving complaints from a faith based group. Consider as well, responsible ownership of firearms has been legal in the United States for over 200 years, as has the exercise of free speech. In fact, since our great nation was founded. Same sex marriage was legalized in the United States of America in June of 2015. How would the progressive movement respond to the banquet facility’s refusal to host a same sex wedding reception?

I am quite certain they would condemn the banquet facility for discrimination, and more than one civil liberties group would seek legal justification in the form of a civil lawsuit.

To sum up the progressive liberal mindset. A gun owner’s group does not have the constitutional protection to gather socially at a privately owned business open to the public. However, should the same private business open to the public refuse to provide their services to a same sex couple, also exercising their constitutional rights, condemnation would occur and legal remedy pursued.

Those who refuse to drink the progressive liberal Kool-Aid are labeled discriminatory, when in fact it is the progressive liberal base which discriminates as is proven by their persistent inability to tolerate or entertain any opinion which differs from those which they profess.

The facts above support this statement, as well as the appearance the progressive base now has the authority to choose which persons are free to exercise their constitutional rights. This should be the cause of great concern for all Americans, as it was for our founding fathers who lived, fought and died to guarantee the rights of all persons, endowed upon us by our Creator, would not be infringed upon.

William Santarsiero, Southington

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