Two men arrested for assault at Hollywood Bar

Police arrest two men for an incident at the Hollywood Bar and Lounge in December 2017. On Friday, April 20, Marcin Szwedo, 29, of Hamden, and Kieda Mariusz, 34, of East Hampton, turned themselves in to Southington police Department after learning that there were outstanding warrants for their arrests.

Mariusz Kieda

According to the warrants, Kieda and Szwedo entered an employees-only area of the business on the date of the incident and were asked to return to the areas that are open to the public. A short time later Szwedo and Kieda went up to the employee that asked them to remain in the public areas and another employee. Kieda head-butted the first employee and struck him in the face. The two became involved in a physical confrontation.

Marin Szwedo

A second employee intervened, and Szwedo attacked him and spun him around, The two fell down some steps to the ground. Other employees began to intervene and Kieda and Szwedo fled the business.

As a result of this incident both employees were transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries. One employee needed stitches and suffered a broken nose. The second employee suffered injuries to his leg, knee, and shoulder.

Both Szwedo and Kieda were charged with third degree assault and breach of peace. Each posted a $50,000 bond. The pair is scheduled to appear in Bristol Court on April 30, 2018.

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