Letter: Spring Lake Village resident supports goose control efforts

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To the editor:

I wonder if the residents that are trying to hinder the efforts of the Spring Lake Board to eliminate a real hazard to the residents would feel the same way if the problem were rats, bears, coyote, or other types of hazards in the community.

The Spring Lake Board has tried everything under the sun over the past 20 years to eliminate this obvious safety concern.

Thousands of dollars have been spent in a effort to humanely resolve this issue over the years, and nothing has worked.

I say let the board do its job to humanely return Spring Lake Village to a safe and healthy community.

The few people opposing this are merely what I call “the community save the world wanabes” that usually act in their own self interest of needing attention.

Let the board do its job. It has an obligation to act in the best interest of all residents, including those who are not able to rationalize what is the right thing to do.

Thank you to the Spring Lake Board for its efforts of addressing and resolving this very important health and safety issue.

Ed Foy, Spring Lake Village

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