The Knights Cup: Local athletes turn out to compete at youth track event

A group of Southington runners race across the Southington High School track during a 100m race at the Knights Cup Track Summer Series.

A group of Southington runners race across the Southington High School track during a 100m race at the Knights Cup Track Summer Series.


The first ever Knights Cup was held at Southington High School’s track and field facilities this past week.

The event is a community-wide track and field series for only elementary and middle school athletes that was hosted by the YMCA and Southington High School track and field teams. To ensure a safe and timely meet, the kids are offered half of the events seen in a normal high school track and field meet.

Events that the athletes competed in were the 4x100m preliminaries, 100m, 400m, 1600m, 4x400m, 4x100m finals, long jump, shot put, and turbo javelin.

The elementary and middle schools compete against each other, in order to obtain the ‘Knight’s Cup’ trophy, which will reside at their school for the next year with their school name and date engraved in it. After the next Knight’s Cup, the trophy will be passed along to the next winning school.

Southington elementary school division competed on Monday, June 8 at the high school. Derynoski (83) took first in the overall team results, followed by Thalberg (67), and Strong (38). The elementary school winners were: Thalberg (4x100m), Kevin Hubert (100m), Owen Hunt (1600m), Sofia Scalise (400m), Nathan Hunt (shot put), Mathew Morgan (long jump), and Nathan Hunt (turbo javelin).

Kennedy took first in the overall team results for the middle schools. The middle school winners were: Kennedy (4x100m), Livvy Pizzitola (100m), Matthew Maciejewski (1600m), Zane Chubet (Boys 400m), Morgan Hubert (Girls 400m), Ian Agnew (shot put), Ian Agnew (long jump), and Evan Riddick (turbo javelin).

“The Knights Cup is a community, grassroots effort to develop running in Southington,” said Southington coach Dan Dachelet. “The concept is that we will get our kids out there to participate because of the way we are structuring the meets, elementary school against elementary school and middle school against middle school. The kids had a great time out there. It was a good turnout of about 75 kids for the elementary schools and about 30 for the middle schools. There were a lot of parents out there supporting them. For a first-year event, I think it went really well.”

Knights Cup Track Summer Series Results

Elementary School Division

Monday, June 8

At the Southington HS track

Team results—1, Derynoski, 83; 2, Thalberg, 67; 3, Strong, 38; 4, Flanders, 27; 5, Kelley, 14; 6, Hatton, 8; 7 (tie), Plantsville and South End, 0.


4x100m—1, Thalberg, 1:08; 2, Derynoski, 1:08; 3, Mixed, 1:12; 4, Flanders, 1:13; 5, Flanders, 1:20.

100m—1, Kevin Hubert, Thalberg, 15.08; 2, Chase Stanish, Derynoski, 15.31; 3, Mathew Morgan, Derynoski, 15.77; 4, Sofia Scalise, Thalberg, 15.82; 5, Megan Wadman, Derynoski, 15.93; 6, Fiyinfoluwa Ademyan, Strong, 15.96; 7, Grayson Borla, Strong, 16.03; 8, Christian Watson, Derynoski, 16.05.

1600m—1, Owen Hunt, Flanders, 6:16; 2, Grayson Borla, Strong, 6:30; 3, Jake Nafis, Hatton, 7:34; 4, Alida Fabiano, Derynoski, 7:35; 5, Jackson Rafferty, Strong, 7:47; 6, Christian Watson, Derynoski, 6:52; 7 (tie), Jack Belle, Flanders, and Megan Wadman, Derynoski, 7:55.

400m—1, Sofia Scalise, Thalberg, 1:16; 2, Caitlyn Hourigan, Derynoski, 1:16; 3, Kyle Martin, Derynoski, 1:16; 4, Kelsi Hourigan, Derynoski, 1:17; 5, Fiyinfoluwa Ademyan, Strong, 1:20; 6, Chase Stannish, Derynoski, 1:21; 7, Riley Wolf, Derynoski, 1:22; 8, Lindsay Stublarec, Derynoski, 1:22.

Shot put—1, Nathan Hunt, Flanders, 23’5”; 2, Kevin Hubert, Thalberg, 22’10”; 3, Justin McMeans, Kelley, 21’11”; 4, Karter Henriksen, Derynoski, 20’5”; 5 (tie), Abby LeBaron, Thalberg, and Ryan Ogren, Strong, 18’3, 7, Brenden Lasbury, Flanders, 18’1”; 8, Cameron Parke, Derynoski, 17’0”.

Long jump—1, Mathew Morgan, Derynoski, 12’8”; 2, Jaedyn Drayton, Derynoski, 11’5”; 3, Gavin Crowley, Derynoski, 11’5”; 4, Mathew Findley, Derynoski, 11’3”; 5, Hope Scalise, Derynoski, 10’9”; 6, Drew Nafis, Hatton, 10’10”; 7, Owen Hunt, Flanders, 10’0”.

Turbo javelin—1, Nathan Hunt, Flanders, 74’5”; 2, Cameron Parke, Derynoski, 58’9”; 3, Cameron Stanton, Derynoski, 47’9”; 4, Adam Ciaffaglione, Strong, 46’0”; 5, Jake Nafis, Hatton, 43’4”; 6, Gavin Crowley, Derynoski, 40’6”; 7, Adam Ciaffaglione, Strong, 38-1

Middle School Division

Tuesday, June 9

At the Southington HS track


4x100m—1, Kennedy; 2, Depaolo; 3, Depaolo.

100m—1, Livvy Pizzitola, DePaolo, 14.18; 2, Amanda Perkowski, Kennedy, 15.38; 3, Savannah Krom, DePaolo, 15.5; 4, Danielle Flynn, Kennedy, 15.92; 5, Olivia Liberti, Kennedy, 18.14.

1600m—1, Matthew Maciejewski, Kennedy; 2, Zane Chubet, Kennedy; 3, Matthew Penna, DePaolo; 4, Amanda Perkowski, Kennedy; 5, Josh Graikoski, DePaolo; 6, Evan Kristopik, Kennedy; 7, Ashley Schiffer, Kennedy.

Boys 400m—1, Zane Chubet, DePaolo; 2, Jason Brault, Kennedy; 3, Evan Kristopik, Kennedy.

Girls 400m—1, Morgan Hubert, DePaolo; 2, Livvy Pizzitola, DePaolo; 3, Lindsey Woodruff, Kennedy; 4, Savannah Krom, DePaolo; 5, Ashley Schiffer, Kennedy.

Shot put—1, Ian Agnew, Kennedy, 29’9”; 2, John Aligata, Kennedy, 26’4”; 3, Dawson Welch, Kennedy, 19’9.5”; 4, Evan Riddick, Kennedy, 19’9”.

Long jump—1, Ian Agnew, Kennedy, 14’9”; 2, Matthew Maciejewski, Kennedy, 12’10”; 3, Josh Graikoski, DePaolo, 12’3”; 4, John, Aligata, Kennedy, 12’2”; 5, Savannah Krom, DePaolo, 11’8”; 6, Lindsey Woodruff, Kennedy, 10’10”; 7, Livvy Pizzitola, DePaolo, 10’5”; 8, Veronica Gorski, DePaolo, 10’4”; 9, Dawsen Welch, Kennedy, 10’3”; 10, Lily Scalise, DePaolo, 10’1”.

Turbo javelin—1, Evan Riddick, Kennedy, 58’3” 2, Luke Tedeschi, DePaolo, 48’8”; 3, Evan Kristopik, Kennedy, 47’10”; 4, Josh Graikoski, DePaolo, 37’2”.

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