Letter: Reader urges legislators to invest in education

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To the editor:

Two developments that center on our attitudes and policies towards our education system confronted me over the last few weeks.

The first one was triggered by a protest of some four hundred teachers at the State Capitol, chanting “put the test to rest”, which tried to impress our legislators to mothball the “smarter balance” testing that has anesthetized our school systems.

The second development was the vote of the Southington Town Council that refused to restore any funds to the education budget in the town. Both situations exemplify the attitude and policy of our public servants.

At the Capitol, one teacher from Southington pointed out that the standardized testing “almost shut down the whole school…all the computers are taken up…it interrupts the flow of our curriculum.”

If we ask students, or ask our teachers about the “test” they all seem to say the same thing: put the test to rest. Unfortunately the CEA, the state teachers’ union, has asked the State to form a ‘task force” to further study the “test”. Come on now. Do we really need a task force for this?

The Southington Town Council showed its attitude towards education in town. Democrat councilman John Barry and other Democrats tried to restore some funds for education, but their effort was thwarted along party lines.

Only one Republican voted in favor of the restoration of funds for our children and grandchildren in the Southington public schools.

These developments led me to conclude: our state and local legislators are not listening to the cries of our public school students.

And finally, the last thing we need is another “task force” to show that the standardized testing here in Southington is a drain on our students, teachers, and pocketbooks.

Please folks; take a stand on education. Don’t delay. Call your State legislator…call your local Board of Education members… call your Town Council… demand that they take a stand for the education of our kids.

E.Stephen Leggett, Plantsville resident

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