Community calendar launched on town website

Photo by Stuart Miles


As a member of a lot of different organizations and civic groups in town, Town Councilor Dawn Miceli said that she saw the need for a community-wide calendar to help groups as they plan their major events.

“One thing I heard is when they’re in the planning process for their annual balls and galas, it’s hard for them to plan on a certain date when they don’t know if the date is already taken by another organization,” said Miceli.

Miceli said that she felt a community-wide calendar would allow civic groups and non-profit organizations in town to plan their events confidently, without “stepping on any toes” or “impeding on someone else’s event.”

The Town Councilor said she asked the town’s IT Director Jay Baker if it would be possible to do this at no expense to tax payers and with relative ease. Baker was able to get the calendar up and running in just one weekend.

This calendar is not going to be run by town staff. Its accuracy and success will rely on the groups to post their upcoming events.

Miceli said that she sent out a letter to all of the civic groups and organizations in town that she is aware of to let them know about the calendar and how to use it as a planning tool.

The groups will have to assign a representative from their organization to manage their event posts on the calendar.  However, to get started groups have to get in contact with Miceli who will give them the username and password to sign in and use the calendar.

The calendar can be viewed by visiting the town’s website, Once on the town’s website, click the “Links” tab and a direct link to the “Community Wide Calendar” can be found under the header “Town of Southington Links.”

Miceli said that a couple of groups have already begun to use the calendar, but she is hoping to get a response from more groups.

“I just wanted everyone in the community to know that its available for them to use,” said Miceli. “It can really be a good planning aid if we can utilize it and take advantage of it.”

For anyone who would like more information about the calendar or would like to utilize it, contact Town Councilor Miceli at

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