Q&A with House District 81 challenger Al Natelli

Dr. Al Natelli, a dentist here in Southington, lives in Southington and is married to Carm. They have four amazing children, Jeff, Casey, Matt and Callie. Currently he is a board Member of the United Way of Southington as well as the Co-Chairman of the Leadership Development Qualifications Committee of the Connecticut State Dental Association. In the past he served on the Southington Council from 2009 to 2013 and was the former Chairman of the Southington Chamber of Commerce. A graduate of Miami University (Ohio) he received his dental degree from the Case Western Reserve School of Dentistry. Al is a former high school and college ice hockey referee who gives tirelessly to the community and is proud to be a member of it.

1.)   What do you think is the biggest issue or issues that Southington is facing that could be addressed by a state rep. and how would you address it/them?
We must address several key issues including that are facing Southington: 1) the future of Bradley Hospital, 2) Obamacare’s impact on area residents and businesses, 3) the sewer plant and its upgrades and release of elements in the river and 4) burden of unfunded mandates.
One of the results of the state budget is its affect on our health care delivery system, especially in Southington. I have been a vocal supporter of Bradley Hospital as a private citizen and I will continue to be one as your state representative. We need the following: a state-of-the-art emergency room on the Bradley campus to serve a growing community of nearly 45,000 people, a same-day surgery center so our talented surgeons can call Bradley their home, a special hospital for our seniors, and finally the establishment of a continuing education center on Bradley campus, where physicians, surgeons, and other health care professionals can learn and implement new procedures. This will lead to new ideas and technologies to improve the delivery of health care now and in the future and grow the economy of Southington.
While Washington passed the Obamacare act without reading it, we are seeing and living the consequences, reduced payments to hospitals forcing consolidation, and an increase in costs to consumers based on unaffordable deductibles and some premiums higher then COBRA plans. In the end employees and employers loose.
The last two issues are combined. One example of unfunded mandates is the opinion positions taken by government. I am certainly in favor of preserving our environment, but at what cost. Unfunded mandates for sewer plant discharges coupled with immature science equals expensive costs to taxpayers and communities. There is an important need to upgrade our sewer plant faculties for both discharge and odor purposes. This is extremely important to our environment and Southington now and in the future.  To conclude, if elected, I will be a positive, strong voice for us as these things are just too important to our community.

2.)   What is the biggest issue or issues facing Connecticut and how would you address it/them?
The biggest issues facing our state are intertwined, the state budget, the economy, job creation and the deficit. Over the last four years, democrats passed the largest tax and fee increase in Connecticut state history. While on the town council during the same time period, I was part of a team that passed balanced budgets resulting in a surplus every year. Our state government spends too much. The state credit card is maxed out. Gimmicks are used to “balance” the state budget. We must eliminate wasteful spending and be honest with tax payers. I would fight to cut wasteful spending and cut the gas tax. We don’t need new taxes and higher fees.
I would also look to create a Technology Zone from Farmington to New Haven, to promote job creation in areas of biotech research, manufacturing, and health care. Legislators work for the people. I will work tirelessly for the taxpayers of Southington, Connecticut.

Al Natelli

Al Natelli

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