Q&A with 80th House district incumbent Rob Sampson

Rob Sampson is serving his second term as state Representative for the 80th District, which includes all of Wolcott and part of Southington. Rob serves on the Appropriations and Environment committees and was promoted to Republican Ranking Member of the Insurance & Real Estate Committee for the 2012 session of the General Assembly, the only freshman legislator entrusted with such responsibility. He is a Realtor and an insurance agent in Southington.
Rob has proven himself as leader by challenging the Malloy administration’s bloated budgets and misguided policies, including the early release of violent felons, the forced unionization of child care providers and personal care attendants, and the New Britain to Hartford Busway. He is known as Connecticut’s most persuasive opponent of Obamacare, and the strongest voice in state government for protecting our second amendment freedoms.

*Editor’s note: Sampson decided to combine his two questions rather than answer them separately.

The biggest issue facing Southington is the economic decline of our state as a whole. We cannot prosper if Connecticut fails.
I ran for office initially because I saw politicians in Hartford and Washington destroying the American dream. I am running again because I remain genuinely concerned about our future. Our leaders have put us all in debt with wasteful spending and questionable priorities. Taxes continue to rise. Businesses are struggling. Jobs are lost, and opportunity limited, driving young people out of the state. Our citizens, especially our seniors, are having a harder and harder time making ends meet.  Even our Constitutional freedoms have been compromised.
Instead of spending more each year, government must spend less and tax less. There is no excuse for borrowing against the future to pay our bills today. It is immoral to burden future generations with debt that will degrade the quality of their lives.
We must end Governor Dannel Malloy’s policy of crony capitalism, which favors one business at the expense of others. Instead, let’s create a climate that is friendly to all businesses, and keep jobs here. We must also stop the waste of taxpayer money on questionable projects like the New Britain to Hartford Busway.
The economy isn’t the only thing Malloy has wrong. He pushed through repeal of the death penalty against the will of the people, and instituted the early release of violent felons despite the risk to the public. Malloy made criminals out of honest, law-abiding citizens by passing absurd gun control legislation that wouldn’t have prevented the tragedy in Newtown.
I am proud to have stood firm for common sense and have worked to protect our Constitutional freedoms.
Since being elected, I have introduced numerous pieces of legislation to reduce regulation on businesses, reduce the tax burden for all Connecticut residents, and protect the interests of our seniors and veterans.  I have also worked on legislation that benefits education, reduces the cost of energy, and protects our environment.
I am proud to have sponsored many bills that have become law. Public Act 14-123 reduces unnecessary regulations on the insurance industry and will lead to more jobs, greater competition, and lower premiums. Public Act 14-14 cracks down on annoying telemarketing calls and texts. Another bill I cosponsored, Public Act 11-141, will turn our state’s Brownfield’s into economic development opportunities. I am particularly proud of a new law I helped pass that makes it a crime to take advantage of veterans by making false claims as to military service or medals, Public Act 14-56.
If you re-elect me to the General Assembly, you will have someone you can count on in Hartford to truly represent the people of our district and all of Connecticut. I am running because I am a concerned citizen who cannot sit back and watch our legislators continue to ruin the economy of this great state and nation.
I will support legislation that will reverse our current economic decline by restoring respect for hard work, for American ingenuity, and by actively supporting job creators in our state. I will continue to defend our second amendment rights, fight for lower taxes and work hard to protect our freedoms.
Please cast your vote to re-elect me this November.

Rob Sampson

Rob Sampson

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