Groomer asks that you drive like your pets lived here

By Lindsay Carey
Staff Writer
A Southington pet sitting and mobile grooming company, which has been in the industry for 20 years, is now taking even greater strides to care for pets in town by asking drivers to slow down.
The idea spawned when Krista Lofquist, the owner of Wagging Tails LLC, was home with at home with her kids, when one of her three dogs escaped –right through her legs and on out the door.
Panic stricken, Lofquist looked the red and white sign she already had in her yard, which read “drive like your kids live here” in her yard. She hoped that the drivers on her Hart Street would notice and slowdown in time for her to retriever her pup.
“I live on a busy street,” said Lofquist. “I fear for my kids and certainly my dogs.”
After that day, the Wagging Tails owner started a campaign with hopes of making a more pet safe environment. She created a sign that reads, “drive like your pet lives here” to remind drivers to slow down when they’re on the road.
Wagging Tails is a predominately mobile pet care business. With a mobile groomer and 22 pet sitters, the employees of Wagging Tails come across stray animals and pets on the loose when they’re driving around town quite frequently.
Many of the employees try to stop and rescue these animals, but many are still injured and sometimes even killed by cars on the road.
Lofquist’s employees have given away these signs to clients and they’re quickly gaining popularity in Southington and surrounding areas.
“It’s amazing to drive down the street and recognize one of my signs in someone’s yard and have no idea who lives there,” said Lofquist.
She also said that the colorful black and white with pink paw prints immediately catches her attention, reminding her to slow.
Lofquist said that the company has already given away well over 100 of the 18” x 24” signs already free of charge. Wagging Tails is donating $1 per sign to a local shelter to give back to animals in need.
The sign also displays the Wagging Tails logo, website and phone number.
“We’re always thinking of out of the box ways to promote our business,” said Lofquist. She is enthusiastic to be able to advertise her company and do some good will for pets at the same time.
Those who wish to receive a sign for their home or business, should contact Wagging Tails at 860-621-PETS (7837).Wagging Tails Drive like your pet lives here yard sign

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