Alexander the Great;Borofsky commits to hoops at Eastern

By John Goralski
Sports Writer

As a senior, Alex Borofsky scored almost half his shots inside the three-point arc and almost one third of his shots from beyond. Nobody scored more points in the paint. Nobody scored more on the perimeter. He led the team in assists, rebounds, and blocked shots.
In his final game of his career, Borofsky almost carried his team into the second round in what would have been the biggest upset of the postseason.
Does it surprise anybody that college scouts came calling? It certainly didn’t surprise his high school coach.
“To play at the next level, you have to commit to playing in a year round program,” said Blue Knight basketball coach Bob Lasbury. “Alex is a great example of someone that was able to maintain high scores academically. He was able to play other sports, not just basketball, but he was still able to commit to playing basketball year round, and he’s really benefiting from it. I’m very, very proud of him.”
When reporters surrounded him after the Knights’ final contest, he shrugged off questions about his college career to talk about his team’s efforts on the court. Borofsky let his statistics do the talking. Southington struggled, at times, during his four-year career, but Borofsky never wavered.
That’s one reason why Eastern Connecticut State University coaches showed so much interest. The other reason was Borofsky’s statistics. He scored 841 points over four years with the Knights. Southington has only had five players reach 1,000 points, but none have come in recent years. Borofsky is ranked 10th all time amongst Southington scorers.
Next season, he’ll try to carry that momentum to the next level. The senior forward explored opportunities at Manhattanville College in New York, Emmanuel College in Boston, and Western CT State University, but it was the Warriors that won the contest.
On Wednesday, March 27, Borofsky signed a letter of intent to play basketball at the NCAA division three program next winter.
“It was a decision that I made with my family. We sat down and thought that this was the best choice for me,” said the former Blue Knight forward. “I’ve been looking at schools since the beginning of the school year. I made a lot of visits, but I really liked Eastern a lot. I thought it was the right place for me. I liked the campus a lot. I like the program, and I really liked the coach.”
Lasbury said that the Eastern coaches liked Borofsky’s abilities, and he said that the 6 foot, 4 inch, 205 pound forward fits well into the Warrior’s offensive scheme.
“He fits their style well. They play four-out, similar to what we do, and I’ve said it all year long. Alex has the ability to step out onto the perimeter,” said Lasbury. “With his size, that makes him pretty special.”
Lasbury said that the best part about the signing is that Borofsky will be playing locally. Former Knights have earned all-conference honors in other states. Larry Avitabile managed to earn NCAA Division III all-American honors at Vassar College in New York, but Borofsky will be playing in state.
“I’m thrilled that Alex has this opportunity, and I’m thrilled that he’s going to be in our home state so I’ll get a chance to see him play,” said Lasbury. “Eastern is a good program. To play at any level in basketball, you have to be really good. When you look at the percentage of high school basketball kids that go on to the next level, it’s probably only at about one percent.”
Borofsky said that he’s ready for the challenge. “Once I got into the high school and realized that I could really play at the AAU level, I knew that I could play at the next level. I really wanted to play,” he said. “I didn’t know if it was going to be division three or division two, but they are both really competitive. I think that division three is going to be a really good fit for me.”

By John Goralski Alex Borofsky is ranked No. 10 all time as a Southington High School scorer. On Wednesday, March 27, he signed a letter of intent to play at Eastern Connecticut State University.

By John Goralski
Alex Borofsky is ranked No. 10 all time as a Southington High School scorer. On Wednesday, March 27, he signed a letter of intent to play at Eastern Connecticut State University.

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