Bradley Hospital looking at possible changes

By Ed Harris

Changes could be in store for Bradley Memorial Hospital, depending on the findings of a report that is being put together by Philadelphia  based Health Strategies and Solutions.
Clarence Silva, president and chief executive officer of the Hospital of Central Connecticut, said Health Strategies and Solutions began putting together the report late last year. He expected the evaluation to be completed by September.
Silva said the final report would cover several options, but said it was premature to list or discuss them at this time. However, Silva did note that one of the proposals included replacing the operating room at Bradley with an outpatient orthopedic surgery center.
“There are a whole host of reasons,” Silva said when questioned on why Bradley might replace its operating room.
Silva said the operating room was not being used at its full capacity and noted that this was an opportunity to create an orthopedic center for the region.
In a release, hospital officials noted that its role would change as is it evaluates the community’s needs. The orthopedic surgery center is the only proposal mentioned in the release.
“The Hospital of Central Connecticut (HOCC) is focused on improving the health and well-being of the communities we serve,” the release read. “We have proudly served the residents in the Southington area and beyond since 1938, when Bradley Memorial Hospital first opened its doors. There is no doubt that this is a time of unprecedented change in health care, and to be responsible stewards of our community’s health, both present and future, we must continually evaluate our services. The goal is always to deliver the best care at the lowest cost.”
The Hospital of Central Connecticut, of which Bradley Memorial Hospital is a part, along with New Britain General Hospital, is part of Hartford Healthcare.
The release also noted that many steps would have to be taken before any of the proposals could be implemented, including the filing of a Certificate of Need.
Southington Town Manager Garry Brumback said he was just finding out about the possible changes and upcoming report at Bradley from the media. He said felt it was a loss to lose operating capabilities at the hospital, but ultimately noted that it was a decision for hospital officials.
“Bradley has to make those decisions,” Brumback said.

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