CL&P says its ready for storm


(BERLIN, Conn. February 7, 2013) As the northeast braces for a potentially historic storm, Connecticut Light & Power is prepared to respond. The company has activated its emergency response plan and is prepared for any possible power outages as the predicted heavy, wet snow and high winds have the potential to bring trees down onto power lines.

A blizzard presents unique logistical challenges, making travel difficult with slippery roads and poor visibility. CL&P is preparing its fleet to better handle these road conditions, and employees and resources are being pre-staged in locations across the state so they can be deployed as quickly as possible to the areas where they will be needed.

While CL&P is prepared to respond to any weather-related outages, the company also encourages customers to prepare by assembling or restocking a storm kit and making arrangements to look out for their families, friends and neighbors.

CL&P’s “Shopping for a Storm Kit” video on YouTube ( <> ) highlights the contents of a storm kit, including:

* * * * *Flashlights with spare batteries


* * * * *A battery-operated radio or TV

* * * * *First-aid kit and medications

* * * * *Canned, freeze-dried or dehydrated foods

* * * * *A manual can opener

* * * * *Bottled water

* * * * *Baby or pet supplies (if needed)

* * * * *Important phone numbers