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Capture the flag; Membrino wins his 3rd checkered flag to claim the SK Light title at Stafford

October 8, 2013
Tony Membrino Jr. celebrates in the winners’ circle with a victory in the Carquest Fall Final that clinched the SK Light points title at Stafford Motor Speedway on Sept. 28.

By John Goralski Sports Writer Tony Membrino circled the track in a victory lap, drinking in the cheers from the grandstand at Stafford Motor Speedway. On Saturday, Sept. 28, a crowd spilled out of their seats to circle the black and purple car, and Membrino jumped onto the hood to get a better look through…

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Chasing the lead; Membrino falls behind with one race to go

September 21, 2013

By John Goralski Sports Writer The see saw battle continues in the SK Light division at Stafford Motor Speedway, and Southington’s driver has one more chance to make his bid as the top driver. On Sept. 6, Tony Membrino, Jr. regained the points lead with two races to go. On Friday, Sept. 13, the tables…

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Chasing the checkered flag; Tony Membrino has high expectations at Stafford Motor Speedway

July 6, 2013
Driscoll Motorsports Phtography
Tony Membrino, Jr.’s black Cadillac is easy to spot circling the track at Stafford Motor Speedway. After six races

By John Goralski Sports Writer Tony Membrino shadowed the two front cars over the last three laps looking for any sliver of light to make his move. Ahead of him, the two leaders raced shoulder-to-shoulder as if they were trying to work together to keep the Southington driver out of the winner’s circle. On Friday,…

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