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Rededicating a Holocaust-rescued Torah


On Sunday, Sept. 18, members of Gishrei Shalom Jewish Congregation unveiled a restored Torah that was rescued during the holocaust. The Torah was presented during a rededication ceremony at the First Congregational Church on Main Street where proclamations from the…

Back in the Day

Thanksgiving service-The Beadle-Robert Mansolf wakes up canter John Parsons during the service

First Congregational Church held an old fashion Thanksgiving service on Sunday morning.  Leaders of the church, as well as some congregation members, dressed in period costumes from the days of our early settlers.  The service was conducted in the tradition…

Southington Gathers Together in Remembrance

Prayer Vigil- (16)

Sunday, December 16th The First Congregational Church, in Southington, held a prayer vigil to morn the losses and pay tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementry School attack.  Parishioners from the town of Southington gathered together to lead…