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High school students learn the dangers of distracted driving

May 16, 2014
By Lisa Capobianco
This vehicle, parked at the high school, served as a  reminder about distracted driving. Despite the damage to the car, the driver survived.

By Lisa Capobianco Staff Writer A damaged van parked outside Southington High School last week served as a reminder for students about the consequences of distracted driving. The van, which was actually involved in a texting and driving incident, served as one part of a presentation that has become a tradition at Southington High: the…

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Students warned of distracted driving

May 25, 2013
Rob Glidden
A demolished car was placed in the Southington High School parking lot to serve a silent reminder to warn students about the dangers of texting and driving.

By Rob Glidden Staff  Writer Southington High School’s senior class was given a dire warning about the dangers of distracted driving, during an assembly that was put together by community volunteers. Usually done shortly before the senior prom, warning students about the risks of drunk driving is something of a tradition at high schools. However,…

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