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Accuweather predicts six more weeks of winter in Northeast

Accuweather is saying winter is not done here in New England. 2013 Spring Forecast: Six More Weeks of Winter for Northeast State College, Pa. -- 30...

Accuweather says potential is there for snow and wintry mix late in week

State College, Pa. -- 23 January 2013 -- AccuWeather reports the combination of lingering arctic air and two merging storms has the potential to... says warm up coming then blast of Arctic air

Accuweather issued the following forecast... State College, Pa. -- 10 January 2013 -- AccuWeather reports as forecast, warmth will expand and peak into this weekend...

Weather outlook for the nation heading into Christmas from Accuweather

Major Multi-State Snowstorm Commences Christmas Day   State College, Pa. -- 22 December 2012 -- AccuWeather reports all the ingredients are coming together for a major...

Hurricane Sandy likely will hit land Monday night, Tuesday morning

Accuweather's latest report as of Saturday morning. reports the states of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York have declared a state of emergency as...

Storm update from Accuweather, 5:30 p.m., Oct. 26

This just in from Accuweather reports an extremely rare and dangerous storm will turn in from the Atlantic, putting 60 million people in its...



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