Locals claim titles at Knights of Columbus free throw championship

Filip Szymczyk,
9 year old champ

The local level of the 2018 Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Championship was held on Friday, Jan. 25 at Our Lady of Mercy Parish Center.  The Knights of Columbus sponsors the contest each year to promote family activities in its council’s communities.  The Plainville Knights Council invited all boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 14 to try their best for 15 free throws and compete for some prizes and the chance to advance to the higher contests.

Conner Southall,
11 year old champ

Three winners were named local champions and earned the right to compete at the district level. Filip Szymczyk was the 9 year old boys champ; Conner Southall was the best among the 11 year old boys; and Jacob Stanczykiewicz won the 14 year old boys contest.

Runners-up were 8-year-old Darren Paznokas and 11-year-old Tegan Levesque.

Jacob Stanczykiewicz,
14 year old champ

The winners from the January local level contest competed at the district level contest hosted by the Plainville Knights Council on Feb. 23. The Plainville local sharpshooters competed against winners from Southington and Kensington. District champs advanced to a regional contest on March 9 where they competed against all the winners in the Southwest region of the state.

The district contest winner from Plainville, Jacob Stanczykiewicz, performed well at the regional level. Jacob tied another contestant for the top regional championship spot by making 20 out of 25 baskets. He just missed one basket in a five shot playoff but the other contestant earned the regional win by making all five in the playoff.