Southington Public Schools, Southington Police investigating “racist,” “violent” social media post by student


Southington Public Schools administration along with the Southington Police Department are investigating a video that was posted on Twitter by a student that contains racially inappropriate and highly charged language, according to Superintendent Tim Connellan.

“It contains sexually explicit, inappropriate language and language implying the support of violence against people of color,” said Connellan in a letter to parents and staff on Thursday morning. “We will be investigating this situation today to determine if there is any involvement of a student or students from Southington High School. Since this is new information, we are at the very beginning of the investigation.”

Police stated in a press release that the department is currently investigating the incident to determine if there is a criminal aspect to the message. A follow up release will be send out as the investigation develops.

“Please note that the Southington Public Schools do not condone, support or tolerate the type of language or behavior demonstrated in the video,” said Connellan in the letter. “Any student in the Southington Public School District whose behavior is shown to be seriously disruptive of the educational process will experience disciplinary consequences consistent with Board of Education policy and regulation and the applicable state and federal statutes and regulations.”

The federal family educational rights and privacy act prohibits school districts from releasing or sharing personally identifiable student information with third parties without the express written authorization of a student’s parents, legal guardians or a student who is age 18.

“Consistent with the requirements of that law, the district will not comment on individual students,” said Connellan.

Police stated there is nothing further to report at this time.