Chippens Hill student shows off her inventive personality




Emily Walls of Chippens Hill Middle School with her project.

The 2020 Young Inventor of the Year competition is underway. A Chippens Hill Middle School student is representing the city.

Connecticut Youth Inventors were chosen by judges to showcase their inventions through the Connecticut Invention Convention’s Facebook page until Saturday, April 18.

The winner will be chosen based on the amount of comments, shares, and likes they receive. They will be awarded a $500 cash prize, and will be honored at the state finals on Saturday, May 2 at the University of Connecticut.


Emily Walls, 11, a student at Chippens Hill Middle School, is one of the 26 Youth Inventors hoping to win the state finals. Her invention is the 2-Go Safety Belt. It is a portable seatbelt for school buses that holds in place on the bus seat. She made the invention when she was in four grade at South Side School.

“When I went on the school bus there’d be lots of potholes, and I’d go bouncing off my seat, and every time I felt very unsafe, and I didn’t want any other kid to feel that way, so I thought why aren’t there any seatbelts on school buses? ” said Walls.

“My teacher told me that a bunch of kids get to be picked for responsibility because they know they can get stuff on time, and so they picked 10 kids, and I said yes – give it a try and see what happens,” said Walls.

“She’s always been pretty curious, trying to figure stuff out,” said Walls’ father, Dustin. “She’s more on the artistic side of things, so I guess they go hand in hand. It’s pretty awesome how dedicated she was to it.”

Walls will be showcasing her invention on an episode of ‘Did I Mention Invention’ on the CW channel on Saturday, Feb. 8.

Walls’ invention is posted at