Helpful election information


Who is running?
Governor and Lieutenant Governor:
Republican: Thomas C. Foley and Heather Somers.
Democratic: Dannel P. Malloy and Nancy Wyman
Working Families Party: Dannel P. Malloy and Nancy Wyman.
Independent Party: Thomas C. Foley and Heather Somers
Petitioning candidate: Joe Visconti and Chester Frank Harris.

Secretary of State
Republican: Peter Lumaj.
Democratic: Denise W. Merrill.
Working Families Party: Denise Merrill.
Independent Party: Peter Lumaj.
Green Party: S. Michael DeRosa.

Republican: Timothy M. Herbst.
Democratic: Denise L. Nappier.
Working Familes Party: Denise L. Nappier.
Independent Party: Timothy M. Herbst.

Republican: Sharon J. McLaughlin.
Democratic: Kevin Lembo.
Working Families: Kevin Lembo.
Independent Party: Sharon J. McLaughlin.
Green Party: Rolf W. Maurer.

Attorney General
Republican: Kie Westby.
Democratic: George Jepsen.
Working Families: George Jepsen.
Independent Families: Kie Westby.
Green Party: Stephen E. Fournier.


Judge of Probate
Democratic: Andre D. Dorval.

Registrar of Voters
Republican: Sharon Krawiecki.
Democratic: Kevin McCauley.

Representative in Congress
Republican: Matthew M. Corey.
Democratic: John B. Larsen.
Working Families Party: John B. Larson.
Green Party: Jeffery Russell.

State Senator
Republican: Henri Martin.
Democratic: Robert Michalik.
Working Families Party: Robert Michalik.
Independent Party: Henri Martin.

If you vote at Edgewood School, Northeast School or Mountain View School
State Representative
Republican: Cara Christine Pavalock.
Democratic: Christopher A. Wright.
Independent Party: Cara Christine Pavalock.

If you vote at West Bristol or Chippens Hill Middle schools
State Representative
Republican: Whit Betts.
Democratic: Dan Santorso.
Working Families: Dan Santorso.
Independent Party: Whit Betts.

If you vote at South Side School, B.P.O. Elks or Greene-Hills School
Republican: Joshua M. Levesque.
Democratic: Frank N. Nicastro, Sr.
Independent Party: Joshua M. Levesque.

1: Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to remove restrictions concerning absentee ballots and to permit a person to vote without appearing at a polling place on the day of an election?
2. Shall the residency requirement for the fire chief be eliminated?
3. Shall the residency requirement for the police chief be eliminated?
4. Shall the City of Bristol approve the City Council Resolution dated July 30, 2014 tat adopts the Connecticut City and Town Development Act, which grants additional authority to aid and promote industrial and other forms of economic development.

What you need to know about Tuesday’s elections.
Polling places are open 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 4.
Polling places:
Council District Assembly District Locatiion
1  77   Edgewood School – 77-01, 345 Mix St.
1  77  Northeast School – 77-02, 530 Stevens St.
1  77  Mountain View School – 77-03, 71 Vera Road
2   78  Chippens Hill Middle School -78-01, 551 Peacedale St.
2  78  West Bristol School – 78-02, 500 Clark Ave.
2  79  South Side School – 79-01, 21 Tuttle Rd.
3  79  Bristol Elks Lodge – 79-02, 126 South St.
3  79   Greene-Hills School – 79-03, 718 Pine St.
3  77  Bristol Eastern High School -77-04, 632 King St.