Latest spring bridal trends from New York City


Last month, New York bridal fashion week was held. Many buyers and press gathered at The Knot and Wedding Channel’s Couture at the Hilton on Avenue of the Americas and New York International Bridal Week at Pier 94 in the city. [portfolio_slideshow id=6903]MIR_8890 MIR_8542 MIR_8547 MIR_8549 MIR_8564 MIR_8573 MIR_8587 MIR_8591 MIR_8607 MIR_8615 MIR_8627 MIR_8632 MIR_8637 MIR_8646 MIR_8659 MIR_8666 MIR_8677 MIR_8685 MIR_8690 MIR_8708 MIR_8719 MIR_8731 MIR_8751 MIR_8767 MIR_8776 MIR_8787 MIR_8789 MIR_8795 MIR_8802 MIR_8804 MIR_8808 MIR_8812 MIR_8817 MIR_8828 MIR_8836 MIR_8845 MIR_8855 MIR_8861 MIR_8862 MIR_8864 MIR_8865 MIR_8868 MIR_8872 MIR_8874 MIR_8875 MIR_8878 MIR_8881 MIR_8889┬áHere are some of the many looks unveiled at the shows.

[portfolio_slideshow id=6903]