Democrats face challenges as minority party

Southington Democratic Town Committee



Local Democrats gathered at Tavern 42 in Plantsville as the polls closed across town. All there was left to do was wait for the results to come rolling in.

Runners raced to turn in their results from each polling place, and the tallying began. Before long, the cheerful anticipation began to turn. The room quieted while eyes focused on the tallying. It soon became clear that the Democrats would not maintain majority on the council. The Republicans secured a super-majority over the council based on the unofficial results Tuesday night.

Top vote-getters on the council included incumbents Victoria Triano (R), Tom Lombardi (R), Chris Palmieri (D), William Dziedzic (R) and Chris Poulos (D). Newcomers Paul Chaplinsky Jr. (R), Mike Del Santo (R), Jim Morelli (R) and Valerie DePaolo (D) have joined the council.


The Republicans also secured a super majority over the board of education, board of finance and planning and zoning. The six-person board of water commissioners is three-three.

“We will continue to work for Southington,” said Southington Democratic Town Committee chair Bob Berkmoes following the tallying of the results. “We will continue to do our best to make government user-friendly and transparent.”

Berkmoes said the Democrats are “in it for the long haul.”

“We will come back in two years and continue our voyage,” Berkmoes said.

According to the party chair, one of the most important values of a leader is the ability to listen to and include the voice of opposition.

“A leader should have a sensitive ear to all people, including the opposition. We must be sure the ideas of the Democrats are voiced but also that the ideas of the Republicans are heard in order to get a solution that is right for everyone,” Berkmoes said.

He added that all elected officials have a responsibility to the people of Southington regardless of which party they are in.

“They take that responsibility very seriously,” he said.

Chris Poulos, one of the incumbents from the current Democratic-majority council, said he looks forward to what is to come.

“I’m proud to have run an open, honest and positive campaign,” said Poulos at the end of the night. “I look forward to collaborating with the majority to do what’s best for Southington.”

The official results were not available at the time of the Observer’s deadline, but they are posted on our website at

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