Council identifies upcoming paving projects




Plainville residents voted in favor of the town appropriating $5 million for the second phase of the road and related improvements program, and over the next five years several streets in town will receive priority-based improvements.

On Thursday, Jan. 9, the town released the proposed streets to undergo paving during the first year of phase two, including: Ciccio Court, West Pearl Street, Pear Street, Linden Street, Hollis Lane, Cleveland Memorial Drive, Arcadia Avenue, Field Street, Julie Road, Sunset Avenue, Pickney Avenue, East Broad Street, Robert Holcomb Way, Laurel Street, Locust Street, Cedar Street, Spruce Street, School Street, Roseanne Lane, Duval Lane, Norton Park Road, and Norton Trail.

Prior to releasing which streets would be chosen for this portion of the project, Town Manager Robert Lee said that approximately 25% of Plainville’s 68.4 miles worth of roadways had been completed during phase one. Superintendent of roadways Dominick Moschini said the $5 million that was approved will break down to about $1 million spent each year. This year’s portion is estimated to cost $1,152,400, and the 25 named roads will include about 4 miles worth of roadways.

Lee had explained that longer streets are split into sections during paving projects, and while the town has approximately 315 roads in total, those 68.4 miles is split into 331 street sections.

During the first year of phase two, three roadways will be divided into sections.

The first is Arcadia Avenue, which will consist of the portion spanning from Milford Street Extension to Tomlinson Avenue and from Tomlinson Avenue to Pickney Avenue.

The second is Sunset Avenue, which will consist of the portion spanning Arcadia Avenue to Sunset Avenue; and from Sunset Avenue to Pickney Avenue.

The third is Pickney Avenue, from Gilberte Street to Arcadia Avenue, and the portion of Sunset Avenue to Lena Drive.

The roadways department will coordinate with the water company, gas company, and sewer department to ensure that none of the construction will put existing infrastructure at risk for damage. From there, town officials and the public works department will begin to notify residents of the construction schedule.

Once all of the preparatory work has been done for a specific street—such as the work done around a catch basin—Moschini said that the department tries to narrow and pave that street within two weeks so that no one road is under construction for a long period of time.

During the town council meeting held on Tuesday, Jan. 21, Lee shared that town staff is recommending the council authorize the purchase of up to $100,000 worth of catch basin tops and other related products from United Concrete Products, and up to $50,000 for concrete blocks and brick from Cromwell Concrete. Both items were unanimously approved by the town council, and will both be funded through the road bond appropriation.

Town staff also recommended hiring Jones Construction Company to assist the roadways department in repairing the catch basins prior to paving.

“Jones Construction was the low bidder for this work in 2018, and has performed their work in an exemplary fashion over the last two years,” said Lee.

Jones Construction has agreed to maintain their original unit prices from 2018, and their work is estimated to “not exceed $50,000.” These funds would also come from the road bond authorization. This motion was unanimously approved by the town council.

Town officials have estimated that paving work will begin in the spring.

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