BOE is considering renaming school for former town official

Zaya A. Oshana
Oct. 2, 1929 – Apr. 4, 2017

The board of education held a public input meeting through the facility renaming committee on May 21 and were joined by PTO members, parents and students of Plantsville, South End and Flanders Elementary Schools.

The facility renaming committee is considering renaming one of the three schools after former BOE member, the late Zaya A. Oshana, who was the town’s longest-serving board member at 34 years of service. Oshana was also a fifth-grade teacher and vice principal.

Former school officials and residents brought a petition to the board in favor of naming a school after Oshana.

Those who spoke in disfavor of the name change wanted to maintain schools’ histories.

The facility naming committee will vote on a recommendation on June 11. The BOE will vote on June 20.