AHF committee reports $17K profit in 2018




The numbers are only preliminary, but the Apple Harvest Festival supervisory committee is looking at a potential profit of about $16,740 from the 50th anniversary festival. The final numbers won’t be in until their December meeting once all expenses and revenues are flushed out.

“The 50th anniversary festival was definitely memorable and exiting, and very well received in the community,” said AHF supervisory committee chair Chris Palmieri.

This is the first financial report to come after a new process was implemented. Last year, the preliminary report was presented to the Town Council, and it was later found to be incorrect.

The new process leaves the financial report up to the town’s finance department. That way, it is formatted the same way year to year. Prior, the financial report was created by multiple different entities and it was difficult to compare one year’s report to the next.

The original incorrect readings ended up delaying the planning of the next AHF by over a month.

“This report came right from the finance department, and they did a phenomenal job coordinating this,” said Palmieri. “The actual revenue projected is $271,985, and the actual expenses as of today are $254,355 which means as of right now, assuming there’s no surprises, it’s a profit of $16,740.”

The preliminary financial report, under revenues, does not include community fees, the YMCA contribution or the soft drink bonus. Under expenditures, the report does not include coca cola beverage purchase, United Site services, credit card processing fees, miscellaneous reimbursements and signage. It does include estimations for those line items.

The committee will see the final report at their December meeting, and will present the report to the Town Council in January.

Along with review of the report, the committee named the dates for next year’s festival. The 51st annual festival will take place on Oct. 4, 5 and 6 for the first weekend and Oct. 11, 12 and 13 for the second.

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