LISA, Inc. annual report shows growth in services

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Living in Safe Alternatives, Inc. released its 2018 annual report, showing success with new programs and aid provided to youth in local communities who come to the organization seeking support for a more positive future.

LISA, Inc. provides a variety of programs, such as job training, substance use prevention and intervention, supervised residential housing and more for youth who come from often troubled backgrounds such as foster care, rehabilitation programs or homelessness.

“Many young people to come to LISA, Inc. completely undone. The hopeful outlook and commitment of the staff at LISA, Inc. helps to support each person as they begin to grow and change,” said executive director Kim Selvaggi. “This work is not easy, it is not without struggle, and it isn’t always accomplished in line with plans and timelines.”

Selvaggi said LISA, Inc.’s purpose is to ensure every young person within the organization receives what they need to begin the journey of self-discovery, and to instill hope by helping them heal from past trauma, create skill development opportunities, and ensure they can begin to understand how small gains can lead to increased opportunity and future success.

Thirty-two youth called LISA, Inc. home in 2018, all of whom were enrolled in an educational program. Forty percent of residents participated in the pilot vocational program, “Work N’ Progress,” a job preparatory and retention program that piloted in summer of 2018.


Before living at LISA, Inc., youths lived in a variety of placements, including foster homes, correctional facilities, inter-agency transitions, rehabilitation or hospitals, homeless shelters or were homeless, respite facilities, therapeutic foster homes or other residential programs.

“On behalf of the staff and board of directors at LISA, Inc., I want to express my gratitude for the ongoing support of the local communities and the partnerships we have with nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses and the dedicated social workers at the DCF,” said Selvaggi. “Generous individuals and businesses supported LISA, Inc. youth in 2018 by donating goods, services and volunteer time at rates we have not seen before.”

LISA, Inc. receives 88.6 percent of its revenue from state funding, raises 5.7 percent in fundraising, contributions and donations, four percent in grant revenue and 1.06 percent in investment revenue.

In 2018, LISA, Inc. received grants from the Bradley Henry Barnes & Leila Upson Barnes memorial trust at the Main Street Community Foundation, the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain, the state office of policy and management, Liberty Bank foundation, ShopRite Partners in Caring, Thomaston Savings Bank foundation, Walmart community grant program, Community Foundation of Middlesex County, Inc. and J. Walton Bissell foundation. It also received donations from over 250 individuals, foundations and companies.

An ongoing list of products needed to aid youth in residential living programs include small appliances like microwaves and irons, twin and full size bedding sheets, towels, cleaning supplies, storage containers, toiletries, televisions, kitchen utensils, gift cards and passes for activities, gyms, movies or parks.

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