Health and Wellness Expo held




The 2020 Health & Wellness Expo was held at Bristol Eastern High School on Saturday, March 7.

Attendees were able to learn about different methods to keep themselves healthy.

Bristol Health was represented as well as their EMS department.


“What we’re really pushing right now in our field is hands-only CPR. If someone had a cardiac arrest event in front of us right now, most people would walk away because we were taught in the old days, we had to give breaths, and most of us would go, I’m not going to do that,” said Patti Lizotte, EMT, CPR instructor at Bristol Hospital. “American Heart decided; they’ve taken millions of dollars to investigate, that the best way is to do a hands-only CPR. Anybody can do it. It takes five minutes to teach people. They said we’re saving people up to 43% because people now are willing to at least just do compressions.”

Bristol Health also had an interactive booth at the event where attendees were able to get their blood sugar and blood pressure checked on the spot. A normal blood sugar range when fasting is between 74 and 106, and between 70 and 139 for non-fasting. A normal blood pressure range is 120/80.

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers represented the recovery process of health & wellness. “Physical therapy is important because it helps you return to going the things that you want to do. You can go to the doctor for sickness, and illnesses, but the physical nature, and physical therapy, typically you’re limited,” said Partner & Director, Physical Therapy, Kevin Connellan.

One of Physical Therapy’s newest treatment methods is called “dry needling.” A sterile needle is inserted into a muscle to decrease spasms and trigger point activity. It is used for musculoskeletal pain, and improves muscle function and flexibility. It is typically done once every three to five days. It is not the same as acupuncture because it is based on a western medical approach, and acupuncture is based on Chinese medical beliefs and techniques.

Also in attendance at the expo was the Bristol Police Department. They were hosting a drug takeback at their table, and also getting the word out about recruitment for anyone that wants to join the department.

“We’re going to be taking back all prescription drugs, street drugs. The police department offers a drug takeback box in our lobby 24/7,” said Lt. Mark Morello.

Additionally, said Morello, “We’re conducting a recruitment seminar, so if anyone is interested in what the Bristol Police Department is about, and what a potential career with our agency is like, reach out to our division to get some information.”