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Unified Sports programs get a lift

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The Mill Foundation for Kids recently donated $2,400 to the DePaolo and Kennedy Middle Schools Unified Sports program. The program, which is part of the Special Olympics, allows for special needs students and peer partners to participate in sporting events.…

Southington Catholic joins the chamber

School officials and chamber members joined together for a ribbon cutting at Southington Catholic School on Thursday, Oct. 29.

By JOHN GORALSKI EDITOR The soccer team arrived just as the ribbon cutting was about to begin, and a few students—still dressed in their school uniform—joined the procession of student tour guides that wound their way through the corridors of Southington…

Flanders unveils new, entirely recycled playground

Students at Flanders play on the new school playscape that is made entirely from recycled dental supplies. The playscape was won during the TerraCycle Recycled Playground Challenge.

By TAYLOR HARTZSTAFF WRITER On Oct. 21, school administrators and local officials gathered with students from Flanders Elementary School to unveil the school’s new playground, made entirely from recycled toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, and floss containers. The school earned the playground after…