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Middle schoolers explore STEM at SHS

STEM Department Chair Justin Mirante demonstrates an engineering display during a STEM tour for local middle school students.

By TAYLOR HARTZSTAFF WRITER The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), labs at Southington High School (SHS) aren’t your typical “shop” classes. Using 3D printers and CAD computer programs, students learn to design everything from wind turbines, to model homes, to…

Silver bells? How about a whole orchestra?

Depaolo 6th grade music students-6th grade stringed orchestra

On Monday, Dec. 21,  DePaolo Middle School students rang in the holiday break with a festive musical concert. DePaolo’s sixth grade stringed orchestra, above, regales the crowd with holiday favorites. Photos by TAMMI NAUDUS [portfolio_slideshow id=17368] CLICK TO ENLARGE

SHS students awarded Superintendents Awards

Jessica Howe (left) and Alexander Statkevich (center) are presented with the Board of Education Certificate of Excellence by BOE Chairman Brian Goralski (right) on Dec. 10. The two students were awarded the 2015-2016 Superintendents Awards.

By TAYLOR HARTZSTAFF WRITER Two Southington High School (SHS) students were awarded the Connecticut Association of Public Schools Superintendents Student Awards for the 2015-2016 academic year. On Dec. 10, Alexander Statkevich and Jessica Howe were recognized by Superintendent Timothy Connellan and…