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Symposium addresses aging

By Margaret Waage
The Reverend Victoria Triano speaks during the Symposium on Aging.

By Margaret Waage Correspondent A diverse group of community-based providers, state and local agencies, clergy, foundations and residents alike,  brought their insights and questions to The Symposium on Ageing held recently at The Orchards. The purpose of symposium is aimed…

Final charter meeting gets a little testy

By Ed Harris Editor The final meeting of the Charter Revision Commission grew contentious last week when member Dennis Conroy, a Democrat, accused his Republican colleagues of looking to change how the Board of Police Commissioners was managed in an…

Senator Blumenthal talks partisan gridlock

By Ed Harris
U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, center, talks with Chamber of Commerce President Art Secondo, left, and Chamber Chairman Tony Sheffy, right.

By Ed Harris Editor Senator Richard Blumenthal discussed the sequester and partisan gridlock, amongst other topics, during an appearance at a recent Southington Chamber of Commerce Celebrity Breakfast. Blumenthal argued that there are cuts that are needed, but argued that…