Lisa, Inc. receives $35K furniture grant from Bob’s Discount Furniture

Lisa, Inc.’s Mercedes Sherman, left, and Bob’s Discount Furniture’s Colleen Wood, right, put finishing touches on a room decorated by a Bob’s Discount Furniture donation. (Submitted)



LISA, Inc.’s residential home in Plainville was bustling with action on Friday, Dec. 13 as movers from Bob’s Discount Furniture carried in over $35,000 worth of new furniture. LISA, Inc. program director Christina Cicero couldn’t believe the news when she was told the Plainville program was chosen as the recipient for the Giving Tuesday grant.

“It’s been quite a long time since we’ve gotten new furniture for our residents here,” said Cicero. “As a nonprofit, you have to kind of make do with what you’ve got, and be creative and update things here and there, but this grant is the most special thing we could have possibly received.”

The Plainville residential facility houses eight girls at a time in eight separate bedrooms. The program houses girls ages 17-21 who are in transition from living in a foster care program to a more independent living situation.

Each bedroom received a complete makeover topped with a new mattress, bed stand, night stand, dresser and new sheets and blankets. Downstairs, new office desks and chairs, lamps, tables, couches, arm chairs and more were being set up.

“Often times these girls come to the program with everything they own in a garbage bag,” said Cicero. “This grant shows them that there are people out there who care and who want to help them. It reminds them that there is good in the world.”

At the Plainville home, staff members provide life skills, educational support, counseling, and encourage pursuit of employment opportunities.

The finished room. (Submitted)

“We provide a home-like setting to help them grown and become successful,” said LISA, Inc. program operator Mercedes Sherman. “What our space looks like and feels like is instrumental to being motivated, inspired, and to heal. We are very intentional about our space, colors, decorations… Bob’s has been instrumental in conveying that message of support.”

One resident, a young woman named Tati, was home when the movers were bringing in the new furniture.

“I’m grateful and thankful for this experience. Bob’s has been wonderful to us,” said Tati. “This place has always been comfortable—even if we had no furniture at all, it would still be comfortable because of the people here—but the furniture adds to the experience.”

Director of customer service at Bob’s Discount Furniture, Colleen Wood, teamed up with Sherman to help furnish the eight bedrooms upstairs.

“For us, this is nothing new. This is a really charitable company—it’s in our DNA,” said Wood. “Bob is a real guy, who understands the real needs out there, and he has a particular bend towards programs that serve kids and families.”

Wood said the company looks to partner with organizations like LISA, Inc. who make a difference in people’s lives.

“We are always looking for the opportunity to give back,” said Wood. “We can help a little bit, but what they do here is change people’s lives. We are fortunate to contribute, but they are the ones doing the work.”

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