PZC fills vacancies

The planning and zoning commission filled vacancies left by Mike DelSanto, left, and Paul Chaplinsky Jr., right, after their recent election to the town council. Jim Macchio and Jeffrey Gworek will serve the remainder of their terms.

The planning and zoning commission held their first post-election meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 19. The meeting was unique, as they entered the meeting with two vacancies in the board and three vacancies in the alternate positions.

Republican Bob Hammersley was nominated for the position of chair. He was unanimously approved. Robert Salka (R) was nominated for the position of vice chair, and Pete Santago (R) was nominated for the position of secretary. Both were unanimously approved by the board.

Hammersley entertained motions for nominations for the vacant positions left open by Mike DelSanto and Paul Chaplinsky Jr., who were elected to serve on the town council in the recent election. Both positions were to be filled by Republicans.

Jim Macchio was nominated to fill DelSanto’s position, and Jeffrey Gworek was nominated to fill Chaplinsky’s position. Both were unanimously approved.

Hammersley recognized DelSanto and Chaplinsky Jr. in the audience and thanked them for their service to the PZC.

“I’d like to recognize Mike DelSanto, who was chairman of this board for a decade. I only hope that I can fill his shoes well as chairman,” said Hammersley. “I’d also like to recognize Paul Chaplinsky who was a vice chair for a number of years. I’ hope we can continue the good work they did, promoting economic development, encouraging and looking for opportunities to increase open space, and to maintain the character we all love about this town. That is my mission and goal for this board for this year and future years.”

The board then filled  vacant alternate positions, unanimously approving Joe Coviello, Theresa Albanese, Stuart Savelkoul and Caleb Cowels as alternates.

All new members of the board were sworn in by town manager Mark Sciota.

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